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model40fan 10/12/11

hello bill,
wecome to the staging lane...
oh yea, tearin' into a hot wheels blister is that little bit of KID that we all have inside screamin' remember me...
i see your logo is a-ok... favorite ? ... is mine... green and red are SSSLOOOW... but the silver and to a lesser extent black ones are not bad... i put an old greenie on the silver's base, wow, faster than it was silver ??? F Y I every part of the new casting is slightly different than the 77ish releases, see you in the other lane... smitty

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GspeedR 10/12/11

Thanx 4 the Welcome, model40fan!

Yes, the "A-OK" is a personal favorite. I only own 1 example...its an original release, green version thats new on the card. Unfortunately, I have no plans of unpackaging it anytime soon.

But I must say that I have learned an aweful lot here over the past few weeks. I've learned that rolling resistance is the key to maximizing momentum.

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