Old fogie needs assistance

Just_Will Thursday, 4/21/2016

I pride myself in being pretty good at doing research and typing in the appropriate key words and what not for internet searches, but I've just spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to find the thread and videos of the off road baja track race that took place last year. Was it deleted or did I officially become old and don't know how to work computers anymore?

I need some young whipper snapper to send me the link for the baja track race.

In the meantime I've been rewatching all the  videos from this race: http://redlinederby.com/topic/hot-wheels-world-race/2294

I hope you guys do the world race again this year, it was fun to watch.

-Will (i think)


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redlinederby 4/22/16
Site manager

Wasnt that the only thread for the world race? I'm not sure.

But its not your searching skills, its probably the site search here....its uhh..not the best.

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Diecast64 4/22/16

I think you may be referring to the last race in a series that I hosted last year.  Here is a link to that thread.  


I didn't do a new thread for each race, so they're all there with the Baja track stuff being towards the end.  I've been meaning to get all those races in a nice Youtube playlist but haven't gotten around to it.   You've re-inspired me to do that though...maybe tonight...hopefully. :)

  • That's the one I was looking for. Thanks. It's fun rewatching all these — Just_Will
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