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Oldie But a Goodie and C4's Run What You Brung

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C4 Race Results:


Stock Race:

Tracksurgeon's Cadillac V-16 eliminated on round one.

2seven's Lexus was eliminated on round one.

2seven's BMW advanced to the next round before being eliminated.

Tracksurgeon's Way 2 Fast eliminated on semifinals.

Winner was a light blue Porsche 959-- a very shocking victory!

I was not able to recover the two stock vehicles 2seven entered (they may have been placed where all the abandoned entries were or something). As remediation, I'll give him a restored 1973 Swingin' Wing.

Oldie But a Goodie:

FOTF's French Land Rover eliminated by Voxxer01's blue Turbolence.

2seven's Send Rover Over eliminated by Voxxer01's white Turbolence.

Voxxer01's blue Turbolence wins 1st place, white in 2nd! Congrats!

Run Whatcha' Brung:

Tracksurgeon's Carte Blanche advances to round 2.

FOTF's French Land Rover advances to round 2.

2seven's Send Rover Over eliminated by FOTF's Amazing Spidervan.

FOTF's Amazing Spidervan loses to a dark-colored vehicle (casting unknown).

FOTF's French Land Rover loses to Tracksurgeon's Carte Blanche.

Tracksurgeon's Carte Blanche wins 1st place, introducing the concept of the Carpet.

  • Thank you for hosting, Tracksurgeon! I had some trouble with the videos, but was able to see the Oldie one on my phone. — FOTF
  • Congrats to you and your Carpet-Carrying Cadillac, and to Voxxer and his blue Turbolence! — FOTF
  • Wow. Thx Tracksurgeon for a hosting !! Great racing to 2seven and FOTF. Looking forward to the next event. — VoxxerRacing
  • congrats RLD racers, well done... loved the patined '34 dodge humpback panel... — fordman

All entries have been shipped out today.

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VoxxerRacing 3/10/16


Car came in today.  Thanks for the prizes !!  They will make great racers.

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