Oldie But a Goodie and C4's Run What You Brung

Saturday, March 5th, 2016
Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon Friday, 1/8/2016

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Oldie But a Goodie is the very first race I'm hosting. Run Whatcha' Brung is another race that will take place that is hosted by C4. The location of the races will be at the C4 trade show on Saturday, March 5.

Rules & Restrictions

Oldie But a Goodie:

  • Maximum weight 100 grams
  • Size restrictions; fits on standard Hot Wheels track
  • Cars per entrant; 2 maximum
  • Any Hot Wheels casting made before 2000
  • FTEs allowed
  • Modified and stock are allowed
  • Dry lubes only

Run Whatcha' Brung: https://sites.google.com/site/charmcitycollectorsclub/home/c4-shows-events

  • Any weight
  • Size restrictions; fits on DragTracks, maximum height 2 inches
  • Cars per entrant; 5 maximum *Note that there might not be enough slots; up to 32 slots*
  • Modified and stock are allowed


1st Place - http://i.imgur.com/9PzSFhS.jpg

2nd Place - http://i.imgur.com/eZf10s2.jpg

How to enter

Post a reply that you're going to enter. You may also post if you want your car to be in the Race What You Brung race as well.

$5-6 shipping fee

$2 entry fee for those who will race in Race What You Brung

Where to send your cars

Alexander Thoopsamoot

8587 Jayhawk Terrace 401

Manassas, VA 20110

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

All entries must be received by the host before 03/05/2016

Scoring and Winning

The winner is determined by single elimination.


If an entry fails to meet a requirement, then it will be scrapped for parts or used as a prize car.

Tracks & Dates

Single race, single elimination for Oldie But a Goodie

Single race, double elimination for Run What You Brung

Series tracks
  • 3/5/2016, Maryland - Tracksurgeon

Winners and Results

Voxxer01's entries won first and second; the blue one being the 1st place champion!



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cliffordshaw 1/10/16

I'm in.  Cool race.

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FOTF 1/11/16

This is one I might have to get in on! Maybe it could make up for the fact that I never sent anything in to that Redline Revival race.

Does the Lola have original Redline wheels? The Nomad doesn't look like it does, but I'm curious as to whether that Lola could still be raced as a stock car (which could definitely be useful to me).

The only other things I want to warn you about are your track's transition and catchbox: sometimes, with sharp transitions, Redlines go off-roading, and I would think they could get hurt bouncing around on the board at the end and into/at the box; a box lined thoroughly with cloth (and with a divider in the middle) immediately after/over the track might serve you better, especially with old, valuable cars like what you're talking about racing.

  • The Lola and the Nomad have Redline wheels. Also, I might place a pile of stuffed animals around the finish line to prevent damage. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • That's not a bad idea, but I would initially try to have the track actually going into the box, and pad it inside with foam/cloth/towel etc. — FOTF
  • Especially with these cars; too valuable to have them bouncing around outside padded confines any more than necessary. — FOTF

The race now has more prizes and allows modified cars without FTEs.

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Chopper 1/14/16

I'm interested in competing in this one. Want to make sure it's not WTA as the car I'm thinking of entering is one I'd like to hang onto. 

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VoxxerRacing 1/18/16

Could you please post track info and pic.   Total length, incline length, straight length.  Thx !!

Here's the current info of the track, but I might make the track longer:

Total length: 11 feet

Incline length: 4 feet

Straight length: 7 feet

Angle of incline: ~50 degrees


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fordman 1/20/16

any crash problems at the transfer ?? ... need a sloppy transfer ??

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FOTF 1/21/16

Is "Must be drilled rivets" now the ruling, or is that an editing mixup?

  • Good question FOTF. That would pull me out. My workbench isn't operational yet. All I can do is straighten axels and dry lube old wheels. — Chopper
  • It's an editing mixup. Both stock and modified are allowed. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • Thanks, Tracksurgeon! Also, is the weight limit 57g for stock entries? — FOTF
  • Still not sure if I'm entering, but if I do I want to know what to send. — FOTF
  • The weight limit is for both. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon

6 more feet of track has been added and the date has been pushed back due to lack of resources. More will be added to the race soon.

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FOTF 2/8/16

If this is held at the C4 meeting, will it be on their track? That could change the racing up.

  • I haven't had a response from Goolz yet. I'd usually arrive there 2 hours before their race such as on the 6th. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • Try calling him if you haven't yet--I think he'd said that was the best way to get ahold of him. — FOTF

Minor Update:

-FTE wheels and vehicles produced before 2000 are allowed

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VoxxerRacing 2/23/16

When did the weight change back to 57 grams.  I seen that it went up to 100 grams when FTE and cars up to 2000 were allowed.  Confused.    Thx Jon 

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