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Oldie But a Goodie and C4's Run What You Brung

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VoxxerRacing 2/26/16

Sending out cars today.  

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VoxxerRacing 2/28/16

Please post picture of starting gate   Thx  Jon

  • Last I knew, C4 used a regular Dragtracks starting gate. — FOTF
  • From what I have learned tonight, sounds like I will have the same problem at this track. — VoxxerRacing
  • The race will be at the C4 meeting prior to noon before they start their race. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon

Voxxer's cars arrived in the mail. The two Turbolences have the special axles like the one in the Pro Series.

@Voxxer01 Here's what the track looks like. All of the track's components are DragTracks except for the catch box.

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2seven 2/29/16

Question Track Surgeon, I'm I correct that you will be at the Charm City Collectable Meeting this weekend too? If yes I have a Land Rover I'd like to send to for your race and I'd ask if it could make its way to James for the "Run What you Brung" race, is this possible? I would include my entry fee & return shipping, let me know ill PM you my phone # and you can text or call me if you like, thank you in advance! 


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2seven 2/29/16

Roll Call, who's participating in this race???

2seven is in 

Voxxer is also in the Oldie But a Goodie race.

If anyone wants their car to also be run in C4's Run What You Brung race, be sure to include an extra dollar for their entry fee.

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Chopper 3/1/16

If I can get to a post office today, I'm in. 

Be sure to mail your cars in as Priority Mail so they can be delivered on time before Saturday.

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FOTF 3/1/16

I'm thinking about sending in a Land Rover and possibly a Redline Noodle Head later today, I'm just going back and forth now on that catchbox; Tracksurgeon, I'm guessing you're a regular attendant of the C4 meetings--how much do the cars bounce around in it? I've seen some of the videos and it didn't seem like they did too bad, but this track setup seems to be different from the one they have on YouTube. The finish line also seems like it's pushed further in in the picture above, which I would think could cause the cars to bounce back and possibly hit their wheels on the plastic track.

  • The track was slightly wobbly when I saw it. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • But how did the cars do in the catchbox? — FOTF
  • The cars had no damage but a few got stuck between the sponges. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • Thank you for the info! I might have a couple coming your way tomorrow, since the post office may be closed at this point. — FOTF
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FOTF 3/1/16

Here are my potential entries: the "French" Land Rover, decorated for the LJLRC's past contest honoring the victims of the Paris terrorism, with a familiar block of lead tape taped to the front (which should bring it to about either 68 or 78 grams judging by the old RLD Fantasy League database and the weight's weight, though I haven't checked), and the "Blind" Noodle Head, which is missing its headlights (it usually doesn't have a sticker, but since this race allows "modifications," it'll hopefully aid in aerodynamics).

The car descriptions over on the first Pro Series race give me an excuse to elaborate on these cars' history:

The French Land Rover (originally a gift from K&O Racing) has won twice so far Low Buck Stock at the August 2015 Southern New England Hot Wheelers meeting, and Hot Wheels Stock at the September 2015 Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club meeting.

The Blind Noodle Head (which wasn't a bad deal on eBay--perhaps due to its not having its headlights) won the Redline Division at Connecticut Valley Die Cast in November of 2014 and the Redline race at the Rhode Island Hot Wheels Club in September of 2015. For a short time (maybe a month), it held the LJLRC Any Brand class record at 2.202.

EDIT: I'm also hoping to enter both of these in the Run Whatcha Brung race.

  • They look great especially the Blind Noodle Head. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • Thanks! The Rover looks better without the tape, ha-ha. However, SDR (my dad) expressed some concern at my shipping out a Redline, so... — FOTF
  • ...instead I'll be sending something else only for Run Whatcha Brung, if you don't mind (the New and Amazing Spidervan, winner of the... — FOTF
  • ...LJLRC's November 2013 Johnny Lightning Stock race. By the way, do the C4 HW Stock entries have to be in the package? — FOTF
  • Stock entries have to be in package. However, they hosted the stock race last time and this time it will only be the Run Whatcha Brung. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon

If anyone has any roof flashing, be sure to mail a few extra pieces in exchange for a mainline car.

  • got a bunch... pm me an address — fordman

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