Outlaw Speedway Construction

OutlawSpeedShop2001 Saturday, 6/8/2019

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Finally had some time to start construction. 15 feet long. 

Still have to paint and figure out scenery stuff for it to look decent on video.


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Excellent!!!! Nice to have another track under construction.

  • Yeah, certainly more involved than I thought and I'm only half done haha — OutlawSpeedShop2001

My second team looks forward to running the track...

  • Nice!!! I'm close to setting the track up here in the listings, and I will be racing in another week. — OutlawSpeedShop2001
  • I know one class will be stock, then maybe a 100g and under class (modified), grudge matches whenever there is a call out, and then finally a no holds barred street race 'king of speed' class...up to 225g — OutlawSpeedShop2001
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WorpeX 6/8/19

I am very jealous, this is hot!

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NDeavers80 6/8/19

Looks great. Look for league of speeds post on how to remove that center trigger it will help you be able to use lanes 3&4 better

Updated pic. Close enough to get started at least. 

  • Looking good Keith! Looking mighty fine. — TuxMcBea
  • That's awesome! Lots of space you can take advantage of. — redlinederby

Diving right in to the deep end of the pool! Awesome! Track looks good!

Races are, usually, run random draw single (or double, if you prefer) elimination. To win a race, one car must win two straight races on alternating lanes. 

I'm looking forward to running on your new track!

  • Thanks! I actually just ran some test runs and videoed them. I'll post it when done, but man, it's a lot harder to record this stuff than my normal builds!! — OutlawSpeedShop2001

Ok, I didn't narrate the whole thing, but I got a track test/preview done. Still tweaking but wanted to share the track.


Well done...you learn and you grow as you move along...great start!!!

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Go_Time 6/10/19

Thats great, I have been interested in hosting a race as well.  The video and editing is what is really holding me back.  Looks great Sir!

Added the track to the RLD directory....


WoW, coming along greatly!


aka Marc D 

Hello, I'm Grassrootsracer19.

I just learned about hot wheels racing. I want to build my own track for testing, I know it has to be 20'.625" long. But I can't find the measurement for how high the starting gate should be  compared to the flat section to be legal for competion, if someone could please help me out would be appreciated.



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