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Outlaw Speedway Construction

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redlinederby 8/20/19
Site manager

There's no real's whatever you want to make it and what you think is fun and interesting. Some guys build tracks that are 60% downhill, others do a quick drop into a long straight. It's whatever you want.

You can check out the Track Building Guide for some thoughts, and also check out the Track Directory and you can see all the tracks others have made and get some more ideas.

For example, my track has a 4-foot downhill from a 4-foot height. I chose those numbers mostly because it fit the space I had for the track in my house.

Every track is "legal" from a build standpoint. The only thing that might get your track some funny looks is if you don't have a reliable finish line. That doesn't mean it has to be super electronic or fancy, it just has to be something people will trust. Other than that, let your imagination and carpentry run wild.

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KPS_Kustomz 12/31/20

Keith awesome to see you in the race world! 

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