Outlaw Speedway USA Nationals

Saturday, July 6th, 2019
OutlawSpeedShop2001 Thursday, 6/13/2019

Our first tournament will be to help celebrate our countries birthday! 

+Up to 64 car entry field max

+American Make cars only (Ford, Chevy, Chyrsler etc)

+Time trials to determine Top 16 cars

+Sponsor cars can be driven by sponsor, or we can pick drivers from video comments

+Winner gets the opportunity to compete in the season finale race, and the winner of THAT race wins ALL the mailed in cars throughout the year (pink slip style)

+Non-winning cars can race again throughout the year depending on the tournament themes

+STOCK cars only, no mods

+Cars must fit on standard orange tracks

Please watch video to see the track layout. It's 15' long with a 5' drop over 7'. To make things interesting there is a 'bump' in the track 5' from the finish line. So cars that are aligned straight will fare well. Weight doesn't always=speed due to the bump. 

Good luck, and see you on the track!


Mail in deadline is June 25th (sorry for the short notice). Cars can be mailed in to:

Vero Concepts/Outlaw Speed c/o Keith B.
25 Mohawk Drive, Suite D
Leominster, Ma 01453

Entry forms can be granned here on RLD, or here: http://outlawspeedshop.com/outlaw-speedway/


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JackC 6/17/19

What? No Mods?!

  • Not for this race. The "King Of Speed" tournament is 24/7 so feel free to send one in for that. — OutlawSpeedShop2001
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Rocky 8/31/19

Was this race recorded and can I watch it online anywhere? Thanks

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