Painting track pieces?

NaptownSpeedway Monday, 1/11/2021

Has anyone tried painting actual track pieces?  I have several different types of track including the old fashioned orange, and I thought it might be cool to have all the same dark gray color.

Obviously they make paint just for plastic, but I'm curious if it would hold up.

Just wondered if anyone has had a positive or negative experience with doing something like this?


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redlinederby 1/11/21
Site manager

I haven't painted any track before but depening on the finish it would probably really impact the grip and qualities of the cars moving. Gloss or matte would be different, that plastic with the texture baked it would be pretty rough. Just experiment...thankfully paint is cheap, as is track. Just don't forget to report your findings.

We've had pretty good success with the flat black paint and primer from Krylon.

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