Pandemic things

NDeavers80 Monday, 4/6/2020

saw this posted on Facebook thought it was a good idea and not just because of this Covid stuff going on right now


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LeagueofSpeed 4/6/20
Event coordinator

...the essential tool like toothpicks and duct tape and paper clips 

  • don't forget popsicle sticks...always in my go-to bag — redlinederby
  • Damnit...forgot that one...kicks rocks — LeagueofSpeed

But if I use up all my Qtips touching stuff, what will I use to apply waterslide decals? There has to be some give and take here haha

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LeagueofSpeed 4/8/20
Event coordinator

  • Just a guess but that must be a Lady of Speed car. What do you think that race would be called? — NastiNatiRacing
  • PMS 500 — LeagueofSpeed
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