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Philly Farewell mail-in

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my cars disapeared right b4 we could send em 2day they won't get there in time even iff we find them.

  • Sorry, that was me, I took your cars. Just trying to find new ways to improve my finishes. — ChiefWopahoo
  • lol... it happens often — SavageSpeeder
  • Keep looking, you've got time yet to send them. — WorpeX
  • found 1 — SavageSpeeder
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WorpeX 3/2/20

I gota bump the race date to the 8th due to painting happening at the new house on the 7th. So, the recieve by date will also be bumped... as long as they get here before I start on the 8th, i'm happy. I'll check all the mail-boxes before getting things going.

Teams That Have Arrived (i'll update this list daily so if you're not here check it again the next day):

  • Traction Event
  • League of Speed
  • Team164Bruno
  • Redline Derby Racing
  • Hotwheels Racing
  • Rivera Racing
  • Mattman

  • Hmmm...mine went out last week, hopefully be there soon too. — redlinederby
  • Do you have the tracking number? it might have gone to my apartment's main office and they just didn't text me about it. — WorpeX
  • got it, main office never texted me that the box went to them. — WorpeX
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Mattman213 3/4/20

Narrowed down my winning losers, tuned them up and packed them up to make the trip this evening.  No clue how they will do but I'm excited to see the racing either way!!!


  • Looks like the supercars didn't make the cut! — WorpeX
  • Look at the Silver Bullet supporting the young guys. Mentoring at its finest. — redlinederby
  • Yep I did my best to get the crippled Chrome Shelby back up to snuff but it wasnt having it and I still dont want to open up the stock 928's and mod them SO the 300c won the job. The Silver Bullet and Boogeyman photo bombed the shoot. Hopefully some of their luck will rub off on these losers! — Mattman213
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WorpeX 3/5/20

Okay, I haven't shown my entries yet, so here we go!

I rebuilt all 3 of them to try and attempt some speed boosts... still debatable if I actually improved anything. The vector at least is sitting at weight, so hopefully that helps. The other two did get some additional weight but are still very under. Might do some more work to the other two yet.

Oh, thats right, you see 3 cars. I should explain that!

Hotwheels Racing only sent one car for this event. A house car will be provided to race for his team as its second member. If the house car wins, all prizes go to Hotwheels racing. Now that sounds great and all.. until you realize my track record for building mods is abysmal so really its just gonna be here to even out the field (sorry).

Here is what we got:

WorpeX Racing:

  • Vector V8 Twin Turbo: 2013 Middleweight Challenge II - 15th
  • Audi R8 LMS: 2020 Bootleg Run Supercars - Loss in Round of 66

Hotwheels Racing

  • Retro-Active FTE: 2012 Featherweight Challenge II: 7th

In my tests, while the track was still built, the Vector was the fastest.

That said the Retro-Active is a bullet around the corners. It was the only car in tests that could make passes around turns even if it lost on the straight. I am a little worried my attempts to speed it up have done the opposite though. My own stupid rules also prevented me from repainting it like i've been wanting to for years. It looked amazing prior to its 2012 event, but alas, my paintjob didn't hold up during the event. 

The R8 LMS only got returned after I took the track down and hasn't had any runs on the turns. I have a good feeling about it though and in the short downhill track I have set-up it does beat the Retro-active narrowly. I have no idea how it'll handle turns yet, it didn't do that well on the Bootleg.

So thats what we got!

  • Add turns and the race becomes a crap shoot, anyone's game. Look forward to seeing the ole Vector make some runs! — Mattman213
  • Oh and just paint the Retro-Active after it does battle. With this type of race its likely to take on more damage anyways. — Mattman213
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WorpeX 3/7/20

Just finished rebuilding the track! Decided to change it up a little, two full turns instead of the half. I think this will be easier for me to video as well as make reaching a little more fair. Just waiting on some entire so we can get started on Qualifying!

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WorpeX 3/8/20

Qualifying has concluded for the 16 cars which are here. Thanks to traction-event, we have a prize of a Dodge RAM 1500 or Dodge Caravan (both still in the blister). Winner gets to choose which one they get! The other will go to the tournament winner.

Since there are 18 cars in the field, the top 14 cars in qualifying will advance directly to the second round. 15-18 will have to race-off to see who makes it in!

Still waiting on entries from Secondhand_Speed (the cars shoulda been here but USPS is failing miserably to drop them off). I'm still hopeful that they come today, but it seems likely that i'll have to delay official racing until Monday night. Hopefully I can get the qualifying video out asap!

  • Looking forward to seeing the action. Thanks for hosting this race. — ChiefWopahoo
  • Sorry for the delay everyone. — Secondhand_Speed
  • Not your fault, not sure what USPS is doing. They said they would attempt to redeliver the next day... they haven't done that yet its been 2 days. I keep refreshing the tracking lol — WorpeX
  • Tracking says DELIVERED finally! I'll qualify these two cars after work and add them into the video asap then start the tournament tonight or tomorrow — WorpeX
  • Glad to hear! Looking forward to seeing a group shot and seeing the race unfold. Thank you again! — Secondhand_Speed
  • Well... I shoulda known... USPS decided to give me one last middle finger. The tracking site says they delivered in my mailbox (where literally every other entry went) but there is no box there and its not at my door. It must be at the main office, which closes before I get out of work. I'll have to go in the morning. Another delay. Sorry folks! — WorpeX
  • Okay, box officially arrived! all is well. — WorpeX
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WorpeX 3/9/20

The show must go on! I'm going to release qualifying for the first 16 cars in the field. Secondhand's cars will qualify tomorrow, but I wont be videoing the race. I'll have the results of his qualifying runs posted as a text post. Racing should begin tomorrow!

To hold everyone over, QUALIFYING!!!

Results of this will determine match-ups for the tournament. Top 14 cars in qualifying get a bye into round 2.

  • Cool track, I was waiting for Godzilla I mean the cat to attack the track. — Mayfield41
  • Buy that cat a tape measure!!!. Nice work WorpeX — Traction-Event
  • Unique idea on Qualifying. I dig it! If it were on Luke's track Qualifying would be on which car made the loudest bang as it skipped across the kitchen floor and into the table, measured by decibel meter! Hmmmmm.... — Mattman213

So during racing is the first to the fiinish or the farthest?

  • First to the finish! Farthest is just a qualifying thing since I don't have a timer. Distance is mostly luck so its a nice way to set seeds without match-ups feeling unfair. — WorpeX
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WorpeX 3/10/20

I changed my mind, I did a video.

Qualifying Results, Match-ups and Bracket

Got lucky and no one raced their own car in the first match-up! Whew! Unfortunately, all 3 of my cars are on the same side of the bracket (not that any of them will notch a win).

Should be good racing from here on out. Head to head racing tonight! First to the finish line moves on!

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WorpeX 3/10/20

The tournament has concluded here in Philadelphia! Thanks everyone for sending your cars and competing! There was a lot of tough races, side-by-side battles and wrecks! I hope my footage came out okay. It's going to take a long time to sort through it all and make the video. Stay tuned!

  • GREAT picture, the color spectrum was well represented — Mattman213
  • Thanks, I love this picture! Such cool cars in this event! — WorpeX
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WorpeX 3/16/20

Thanks again everyone for participating in the tournament! I have had a lot of fun hosting! Hopefully it wont be too long until I can start hosting them again.

All cars are packaged up and ready to be returned home. I will start sending them out this week. Everyone will get a PM from me with the tracking number once its sent out. Track has been torn down and I can finally use my living room again!

Video is nearly complete and should be up... soon... hopefully before you get your cars in the mail!

  • Cant wait!!!! But will patiently LOL — Mattman213
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WorpeX 3/16/20

Philly Farewell - Premieres March 17th 9pm EST

I loved the instant premiere idea that Brian had for the Redline Rumble so i'm going to do it here as well! Video is 13 minutes long, hopefully a bunch of people can come and watch it live! If a lot of people can't make the time let me know and I can always push it back or forward an hour.

  • Cool. Great idea and hopefully I'll be able to catch it live so I can chat with folks. — redlinederby
  • We will try to watch live for sure. If not Im sure we will be shortly after — Mattman213

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