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Philly Farewell mail-in

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WorpeX 3/17/20

We go live in 2 hours!

Also, to justify bumping this, all cars are in the mail except for Rivera Racing. Please respond to my PMs. I will hold your cars hostage until you send me your address.

Hope you all tune in to the video!

  • TERRORIST! Dont do it Rivera, never negotiate with terrorists LOLOL — Mattman213
  • Frosty beverage at the ready, popcorn primed — Traction-Event
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Mattman213 3/17/20

That was awesome stuff Worpex, major major props.  PLEASE host more races, the track, the idea, the parameters and the video/editing was great fun!


  • Big congrats to you on the win! There was a lot of tough competition and it really felt like it could have gone to either the F150, Datsun, Corvette or SEL depending if they could've gotten just one more win! — WorpeX
  • Tight racing makes for edge of the seat action and Im always down for that. Little bit of luck never hurts either. — Mattman213
  • Good runs mattman213. Awesome vid worpex. Hope to enter a race of yours in the future — Mayfield41
  • Thanks for the extra cars too Matt.. I finally got a chance to unbox them. Both of them have nice spinning wheels! I look forward to having a track again to see how fast they are but i'm a few weeks away from that! — WorpeX
  • Yeah I wondered how long till you have a track back up and going. Hope they work out, they are super hit or miss but if you get a good one they can be super sweet. If you have good spin but they make alot of noise just lightly sand them with a higher grit sand paper to smooth them out and get the potential out of them! — Mattman213

Awesome racing! Thank you WorpeX for hosting and making a great video! Glad to see my F-150 and SEL put up a fight. Congrats to Mattman213 for the win. It is encouraging to see that my cars gave you a run for your money.

  • They both did. Fat track seemed to really make for some great competition for sure. I really dig the SEL casting and yours was quick! Might have to build one now. — Mattman213
  • Thanks, both the f150 and SEL were FAST. If the SEL had a better qualifying position it would have beaten a lot of cars. — WorpeX

Great coverage, thanks for hosting... Congrats to Mattman213. 

  • Thanks your vette was super quick and handles the track like a champ so long as noone got in its way! — Mattman213
  • Thanks and thank you for donating your cars! Also thanks for the extra ones! The RAM went to secondhand for winning qualifying and the Caravan to Mattman for winning. — WorpeX
  • close, but not close enough to win a few cars back... Ha! :) — Traction-Event

That was fun...congrats to MattMan213 on the sane everyone 

  • Thanks! That track was fun and his production was great. I'm happy to go back to straight drags for a bit but after this and Bootleg I'm def left wanting more racing with turns! — Mattman213
  • Glad you enjoyed it LoS, hosting is a lot of work! I don't know how you do it almost monthly! — WorpeX


Thank You for Hosting! 

  • Your Welcome! I need your address so I can send your cars back home please!! — WorpeX
  • OOPS! I was wondering where those cars went.... I know I sent money but must of forgot an address... — RIVERA_RACING
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ChiefWopahoo 3/19/20
2020 Rated Rookie

Both m'boys got beat down again. Ah well, that's racing. Thnks for puttng this event on - Bruno

  • You did better than I did. I had 3 dogs in the fight and none of them could get a win! — WorpeX

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