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redlinederby Friday, 6/4/2010
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I want v2 to have the option to allow players to create teams (groups) and then other players can join that team. But again my lack of actual fantasy sports kicks do groups usually work?

Does the person that create the group have to approve new members, or can anyone join/leave any group?

I'd like the mechanics to be simple because, frankly, I don't want to build a whole system to manage requests, approvals, bans, etc. But I don't think there's a fair way to have teams without such a system.

In the end it doesn't matter *too* much because the game is individually scored, however, with teams there would be a sum score of all members, but it wouldn't mean much except looking neat on the leaderboard.

But I know lots of you guys are in clubs or are starting clubs and having a team option within the game would be a nice feature to have so you can invite your buds and all play together.


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slash288 6/4/10

Most of the groups i have ever seen have a creator and would let people in from there. You would have to request to be part of a team.

You could do it like Nascar team points and have a team championship at the end.
but then you would have to limit the amount of members I would say, or only take like the top 4 points of the group.

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Bandeezee 6/4/10

That or you could average the points of each team member as the group's score.

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