Police Vehicles with working LED lights??? HELP

DiecastDudeRacing Friday, 5/21/2021

I have been on the hunt for a 1:64 scale police car with a strobe led kit. Any help would be greatly appreciated on where I can acquire one or two or 6


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SpyDude 5/22/21

You might need to raid the light kit from a HO scale police car.  Check out model railroad sites for flashing lights - they normally have them for the police and fire vehicles.

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Techquest47 5/23/21

Technickldesigns.com has what you need.

  • Totally, that's who I was going to recommend too. But haven't seen anything new from them for a while, is he still going? — Chaos_Canyon
  • That guy is legit. Ordered his KITT set fairly recently. Just need to finish my design for the flip up headlights and its time to get that build made. — Haus_Steiner_KUSTOMZ
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