Poppa Speed Invitational Schedule News

LeagueofSpeed Tuesday, 7/28/2020

The Poppa Speed Invitational will take 6 weeks to run all the Divisions...we will be looking at Lake properties Aug 10-14... we are going to run a Division per week until it's wrapped up...we know we're going to Run the Funny Cars first and the Gassers last...the other Divisions will be slotted soon.

Some of you need your Gassers back from the RLD Nationals...you'll have them...but send what you've got when you're ready.

...Peace and Speed 


Will this effect the Dixie GP event or will that stay the same?

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NDeavers80 7/28/20

I can send funny cars, gassers and promods. That's what I have built.  

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redlinederby 7/28/20
Site manager

I'll dig out my Funnies and get them shipped this week.

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Mattman213 7/28/20

Im ready all except the Gasser so Ill try to get all the rest out and then Ill send the gassers when I have em!


  • Sorry for the delay...but you'll be good to go by the time the Gassers run — LeagueofSpeed
  • Im not gonna sweat it, worst comes to worst I was gonna have you dust it with some lube and send it back into the action LOL — Mattman213
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RAGTAG_JIM 7/29/20

hahaha im usally almost late for races.... this time im on time my stuff is already there..... now heres to hoping that my builds are competitive.....

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