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Poppa Speed Invitational

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Don't hack up the "Snake" Dragster!!! Oh the humanity!!

This was already customized...but I knew that...going to be fun building it to was a shelf sitter

2 gassers

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VoxxerRacing 2/19/20

Voxxer Racing    All classes  2 x racers.  

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213Racing 2/19/20

I may not send in this exact one, but this was what I was thinking on the custom Gasser.

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VoxxerRacing 2/27/20

Pls add Voxxer Racing  ... 2 x racers per class.   Thx.  

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JackC 3/3/20

What about Jakks Pacific 1/64 vehicles?

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213Racing 3/3/20

I've got 2 gassers and 2 pro-stocks that I'll be sending your way.

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JackC 3/4/20

Hey, how about Pro Stock Chevy's and Pro Stock Firebirds?

  • Yes...Hot Wheels Pro Stock Camaro and Firebird are good to go — LeagueofSpeed

Count me in for 2 Funny Cars.

Thank you LOS!

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JackC 3/7/20

What wheels and axles should I use for Pro Stock cars?

Count me in ALL CLASSES! 2 Cars each race...... Wohoooooooo

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