Accepting postage to return cars

VantheMan Sunday, 2/26/2023

Doing my first mail in. Question is, how do you all send postage to return cars? Do you send a check, stamps, or anything else?


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GspeedR 2/26/23

I've never had a problem paying a flat fee for return postage and including a return label. Example: M.T.R. charged $2/car for return postage for his March 4th race, I entered 5 cars(with a plastic storage case w/foam packing & a return label) and paid $10 via PayPal to get them back. No, it probably won't cost the entire $10 to ship them back but I assume the extra will at least cover his time to execute the shipping process. 

I accept any form of payment, but paypal and cash are preferred.

Also, check out pirate ship for when you're ready to send stuff back.

  • I should put a block in so they can put their venmo etc so when i get their car i can request? — VantheMan
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redlinederby 2/26/23
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I also recommend PirateShip for handling your postage. It's easy, cheaper, and gives you tracking in case anyone doesn't get their car back.

As for collecting money...I always offered a Paypal/online option and also just cash. Stuffing a $5 bill in with your car was easy for a lot of people. I avoided checks at all costs.

The entrant sending in a prepaid postage can be fine BUT that also depends on what else might be getting sent back. I had someone send me a prepaid postage but then I sent them more stuff on the return trip because they won so I couldn't use their postage.

You can also check out the Tournament Hosting collection of topics for more links and good thoughts on how to manage your races along with shipping & handling stuff.

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