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Pro Series: Fantasy Fallout, December

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redlinederby 12/11/16
Site manager

Made a pickup on Friday and these cars are on campus. I'll do another pickup Monday and the race later in the week. Looks to be only a few entries so should be a quick run.

  • JDC442
  • Traction Event
  • Voxxer

  • Even with 3 more entries in the mail... small turn out. Bummer — Traction-Event
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aircooled 12/11/16

My car should of been there by Saturday.  Post office folks said they have went to Holiday schedule and that could add a day to the schedule.

  • I'll update roster once I pickup on Monday. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 12/13/16
Site manager

Here is the official entry list for the Pro Series finale.

  • EconoCarl
  • Tracksurgeon
  • Aircooled
  • JDC442
  • Voxxer Racing
  • Traction Event

A small field, yes, but stacked with talent so it should be great from the get-go. Looks like there will be 2 byes. Here's the bracket:

I'm going to shoot for Wednesday night racing but if that falls through, then it'll be Friday or this weekend. I probably won't do any live posting or streaming since it'll be such a quick run. But I'll record and post some video highlights once it's all done. 

And this will be run using the Mattel mechanical finish line. I wasn't able to repair the sensor finish in time. I did some test runs with the Mattel gate and it seems to perform just fine. If anything on race day looks off then I'll report it and rerun accordingly.

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VoxxerRacing 12/18/16

Race results ?

  • None yet. They'll get posted as soon as I have them. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 12/18/16
Site manager

Alright...without further adieu, your winner and first Redline Derby Racing Pro Series champion...

Voxxer Racing

Congratulations to Jon Soffa for his dominating performance all year long. His super engineered cars got the job done. Voxxer finishes the season with an incredible 240 points, 130 points ahead of the runner-up, Aircooled. Voxxer Racing receives a trophy for his mantle as well as the prize payout. 

You can check out the final standings and see results from all tournaments

I'll put together a video of the final racing soon and get it posted. Until then, here is the bracket sheet or here's the online bracket.


Otherwise, I can't thank everyone for their support over the past year for this series. It was an experiment to see if a year-long series was viable. To all the participants, thank you, great job. To all the hosts, super duper thank you, I appreciate all the work and time you put in to keep it going. I hope everyone had fun building cars, racing cars and watching cars. 

There won't be a Pro Series for 2017 but it could come back for 2018. I'm thinking every other year could be a good pattern. It would give us all time to learn from our experiences and make things better for the next time.

As we close out the year, I hope everyone enjoyed 2016 here at Redline Derby Racing. There were some ups and there were some downs, but no matter what there was fun to be had and great racing all around. 

  • This was a terrific event, Brian. Thanks for all you do to organize these races. — Chopper
  • Congratulations to Jon on a dominating year of racing! — Chopper

Noodle Lead doesn't cut it on this one. Were the axles loose?

  • Yes. Something wasn't right inside there, the car didn't even make it to the finish. — redlinederby
  • USPS must've crushed my car. It was running perfectly fine before I sent it out. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
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Traction-Event 12/19/16

Is there a photo of the Champs car for this race? I was hoping my Croc Rod would put up a fight, but not from the losers bracket.

Brian summed it up, nice job winning the Pro series. Dedicated effort, and solid performances throughout the year.

  • I'll get some photos up with the video. Just wanted to get results up. — redlinederby
  • Great racing, Chris. Can't wait to see the Croc Rod in action. — Chopper
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aircooled 12/19/16

Congratulations Jon, on winning the Pro Series Title!!!  Being my first time racing Hot Wheels I found it to be a lot of fun for sure.  You are the man to beat no matter what the venue!!!  Well Done!!!!

  • Congratulations to you as well, Richard. You held the lead through two events and built some monster cars. — Chopper
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VoxxerRacing 12/19/16

Thank You, Redline Derby, for a year of great racing !!

Congrats to Voxxer for the Pro Series win! I really like the special axles you use on your mods and the sense of racing ingenuity!

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