PSA: Photobucket is trying to make good

redlinederby Monday, 6/24/2019
Site manager

Just saw this fly by in my feed today, but it looks like the old Photobucket image hosting place is trying to undo damage from a few years ago when they jacked up prices and made your photos disappear.

It looks like they're changing their paid plans to be reasonable. Now...I'm not suggesting, recommending, or endorsing that you use Photobucket (if you do, great) but I post this because if you used to use Photobucket and want to recover or re-download photos you uploaded there, now might be a good time to get them.

Even if you have to pay, looks like it will be under $20 so that might be worth it if you want your old photos and don't have original copies somewhere at home.

Of course, if you're an RLD member, you can still upload your car photos directly and we'll host them for you.


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WorpeX 6/24/19

I really wonder how photobucket is still in business. They forcibly pushed everyone away from their site by making it hard to use, destroying hot linking and forcing watermarks. Free alternatives like Imgur started to pop up almost immediately.

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LeagueofSpeed 6/25/19
Event coordinator

I haven't missed them...self imposed extinction was a brilliant idea....

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