PSA: Quarantine your shipping boxes

redlinederby Friday, 3/27/2020
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We do a lot of shipping around here. Whether it's for mail-in racing or just trading cars, it goes through the mail in some fashion. And that means a lot of different people might be handling your boxes and mail before it gets to you. You might be fine, and the guy at the other end might be fine, but you don't know about the people in between. So don't risk it.

That's not to say we should stop sending packages to each other, but it would probably be good practice to quarantine those packages after you receive them.

Quarantine shipping boxes you receive

The Coronavirus can stay alive on surfaces for up to 24-hours, particularly on cardboard, so it's probably a good idea to let those boxes hang out for a bit before you rip into them.

I guess you could disinfect your boxes if you're anxious about it, but it's probably easier to just let them sit. And regardless of what you choose to do, wash your hands after you deal with packages. It will never hurt. 

Here's a chart from a USA Today article talking about the virus' time on surfaces. There are all sorts of materials in our shipping boxes. Cardboard, paper, plastic bubble wrap, metal lets not mess around.

Play it safe, you can say No

And if you aren't comfortable sending or receiving packages, just say so. No one's going to argue with you or think lesser of you. This shit is serious and it's not the time to "it ain't gonna scare me," or "not gonna stop me from doing what I like,"...because it should. But if we're smart and take precautions, we can keep on keeping on.

Stay safe, stay friendly, stay sane. Race on.


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PeteB 3/27/20

Wise words indeed!
Bravado and pride have no place right now, it just ain't worth the risk!

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Mattman213 3/27/20

I remove everything from the box in the garage and then go from there.  I'm already touching it when I pick it up so I just keep going.  If contents are new cars or something in a new wrapper they get opened and set aside, loose cars get a wash or at least a wipe down.  Then wash hands.  If anyone is worried then just attack it like you do everything else and wash up when done!


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LeagueofSpeed 3/27/20
Event coordinator it safe and be smart.

Seriously stop buying into this spreading fear bullshit everyone! How is it possible that everyone cant see that this is not about a mild seasonal respiratory virus. This is far deeper than that. The entire world is being controlled with fear and everyone is buying into it. Stop watching tv "programming " and research what is happening for yourself. Have no fear. Race on.

Red Pill

  • A "mildseasonal respiartory virus" that has so har killed over 28000 people. I think I'll continue to err on the side of caution thanks. — PeteB
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