Quest for the Golden One: BMW M3 GT2

TheMakersBox Wednesday, 10/13/2021

With a Le Mans GTE PRO/AM Endurance Race Series coming up in 2022, I thought it might be good to look at a couple of the eligible castings that are available in the current main line.  I had recently seen an article about BMW’s art car project, so the BMW M3 GT2 was next up on the 16 foot test track.

At first glance, the weight is a little bit lighter than the Stinger or Civic.  All times fell below 1.7 seconds and at least two cars made it into the 1.65 second range.  Let's look our current summary:

Looks like the Stinger is still the leader, with the BMW edging out the Civic for second.  Let’s check the box plot:

As with some of the previous cars we’ve tested, I wanted to test the effect of graphite.  I picked the fastest, slowest, and median cars and applied graphite, this time some Kadee Greas-Em, which I have from my model railroading days.

Once again, we see little to no improvement in the fastest and median car, but a large difference in the slowest car.  Can we say that graphite is the “Great Equalizer”?  At some point I would like to do some microscopic comparison of the fastest and slowest car’s axles and wheels, but for now, I’m going to leave it to you to speculate in the comments what is going on.

As for what is comming next, I’ll just leave you with an aerial spy photo of the Makersbox Motor’s parking lot.  I’m also open to suggestions.

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