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I have an idea about numbering cars for mail in races. Maybe everyone should have permanent numbers for all mail in races. That way we wouldn't have to renumber all the cars for each race and we would know whose who for each race. You could ask for your own numbers maybe 2 per player. I would say 1, 2, or 3 digit numbers. If a race called for more than 2 numbers then you could for example if your car was 22 then the third car could be 22B. What do you guys think?........ :mrgreen

Claim your team numbers using this spreadsheet: ... sp=sharing

Play nicely and don't claim a number that's already taken. If you really (really) want a number that someone else has, PM them and hash it out. This spreadsheet will be the "official" log of numbers.

EXCELLENT IDEA!!!! I'd actually thought of that a while back, I just didn't get around to posting it. I'm all for it! And I call 7 and 40 (and 2 and 22 for Sinisterdog, since those are what he uses whenever he can).

Okay then I want 47 and 51....If we do this then one our computer wizards should make a database somewhere........

... race - on !

Whatchu talkin about, Willis?....

To whom ever is callin' the shots on this number thing. I be partial to #'s 8 & 88.

I call 20 and 21.

I Call 59 And 9

here I go again... I.M.O. this pick your own permenent # sounds great on paper....
but on vynal you will need a new sheet [strip]of 1 to 99 for every 32 car bracket series...
or with issued #s you could get... 1 to 32, 33 to 64 and 65 to 96, all 3 brackets from the same #s strip...

I actually get numbers, like, made for decorating. I'm trying to think of how to describe it. They're all on a sheet, with letters--like, several lines of 1's, 2's, etc.--not things like 45 or 79 on a single sticker. Also--for those of you who have seen them--I almost always have the little "FOTF" stickers on my cars; what if we all had little things like that, and just wrote numbers on them instead? They're like little labeling stickers.

Well, if this idea were ever implemented I would assume the team owners would number their cars before they were sent in to the first race.

People could put their numbers over in their forum avatars.

I don't care what my race number long as I get to race....In my opinion I think it is up to the race host to dictate and assign car numbers.

TE out...

Well, if this idea were ever implemented I would assume the team owners would number their cars before they were sent in to the first race.

Yeah, that's what I like to do. However, it seems like it tends to cause confusion--part of why I like this idea.

This sounds like a good idea to me - even as an "outsider" that doesn't do much mail-in racing. But from the few I've hosted I can say that having preset numbers would help save some trouble when filling out the brackets.

Here's a spreadsheet y'all can use to log the numbers rather than post here in the forum. But if two guys want the same number(s), fight it out here in discussion.

Claim your team numbers ... sp=sharing

Please use the sheet fairly. Honor system. No more than 2 numbers per person for now.

And I would say that mail-in cars SHOULD/MUST have their number on it in some way, either painted on or a sticker.

Selected numbers at first posting....

I see nine people on the Google Doc but six in the first post.

I like the idea too, works for me. Will check out the doc. and see what #'s are there already.

whomever is supplying the #s for this, THANK YOU, ... i'll be watching the mailbox for your package containing my many #s/ series will you be sending each racer?...

We should number our own cars.

that is the problem...I BUY the # stickers I use...
I have been generous with them...ask around...
random #s lets the first host get 2 maybe 3 series per 1 to 99 strip...
some racers [I] put a lot of effort into making the cars look as good as possible, to put a gaudy paper sticker on it just to get a certain # is well..........
with this pick your own #...... I can only get 1 series per sheet of 99....with 98 other #s left on every strip..
who wants # strips with the same # missing from every sheet ?
this is not efficient in any way...
PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS... or if you are going to mandate a given #... supply it !... or let me continue to send # strips to first hosts for random assignment...

Smitty, the way I read this thread is that racers are going to put their own numbers on their cars before sending them in, just like real racecars, so there will not be a need for anyone to supply number stickers anymore.

Where to put the numbers hasn't been mentioned yet. I suggest it go on the roof (trunk lid if convertible) so the host can see them more better.

Another plus with this system is after a while we will know which car is who's just by looking at the numbers.

If this plan is implemented I'd like to reserve #'s 1 & 4.

I echo Carl...I don't see having set numbers as a problem but I understand Smitty's concern with just putting stickers on a car - and Smitty, you have been VERY generous with stickers, we all appreciate it - it has helped tremendously, I think people just want to take ownership of their numbers, which I totally understand.

I see this as a "problem" each customizer solves on their own. As long as their numbers are on the car it doesn't can be a sticker, a painted-on number, etched in, just has to be clear. I think the hood, top and trunk of the car are the obvious places to put a number but I don't think it matters much as long as it's readable as a number (so don't make it too tiny...and if you have crappy hand-writing, use a decal or stencil.)

Bone Shaker and others have numbers and they look pretty sweet and are very readable...anyone with a paint brush or marker can do something similar. Be creative BUT if you'd rather not put numbers on your car at all, that's fine too, the host can just give it a random number for the tournament, nothing permanent. Selecting a number for your team isn't a requirement, just something fun.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

As a guy that has only customized a few cars, I welcome the design considerations that come with a requirement like a number. Personally I think just putting a number of the hood is somewhat boring but it is easy...I'd love to see someone do a paint scheme that really incorporates the number. (And if nobody does, I might have to eat my own words!)

I would also recommend to keep using the spreadsheet for track the numbers then the hosts can print it out easily if they want. (I'll move that link to the first post for easy access)

Fine... 5, and 6 please

I will run sloppy jalopies team stickers [one with a moon sticker] as I get 4 with every sponsor decal sheet... that way I don't have to ruin a 1 to 99 sheet every series...roll 'em !

This is what I use and what the league uses to number cars. We use white ones, but I thought the colored ones show them better. I usually leave them on for only a day or two to prevent the stickyness from staying on the cars. However, I have some that we have left on and they have stayed on the cars for a year+.

They could easily be cut down even farther. You just need to hand write on them. You can get 500+ lables at Wal-Mart for less than $2.00.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Iowastockcars--that's the sort of thing I was talking about. I use those stickers all the time.

And another thing--an idea Smitty just gave me by reading his post: should we just put team stickers on the cars, and not bother with numbers? I know I always use FOTF stickers (made out of the things ISC posted), and I've seen a couple team stickers on other peoples' cars. I would think that would be even easier to recognize than signature numbers. Either one works for me, just thought I'd throw the idea out there.

. . . should we just put team stickers on the cars, and not bother with numbers?

If you enter more than one car in a series/race numbers will help the race host know which car is which on the bracket.

Where to put the numbers hasn't been mentioned yet. I suggest it go on the roof (trunk lid if convertible) so the host can see them more better.

Yes, this should be consistent.

the sloppies ordered 2 different sized team stickers, I will also add a small MOON sticker beside the sloppies on one of the cars... I have plenty of all 3...
I vote for trunk mounted #s...or the roof for sedans, deliveries and trucks...

Good point, Carl.
In which case, I say have the numbers facing up. Hood, trunk, roof, window--anything as long as it's up. And if I were to enter something like a NASCAR, I'll probably stick numbers over ALL of it's numbers (I don't know about you, but I would find it a bit confusing--and annoying--otherwise, to have cars that already have numbers get others stuck on them in other places).

anything as long as it's up.

No, this should be consistent.

The roof is normally the largest place to put a number and most racers have roofs.
Convertibles can use the trunk lid.

Perfect--also because NASCARs, which all have roofs, can have their original numbers covered up that way (andit works for me personally because my team stickers don't usually go on the roof).

Ok Clayfeat chooses 69 and 72 the years our sons were born......

I have been rethinking my idea of assigned car numbers. I think it is a good idea, but the numbers should be put on the sides or hood. The host of the race can put his control number on the roof or back deck. This would mean you should only number race cars like in Nascar and such and don't have put numbers on a custom street rod. I certainly wouldn't want to number a car I didn't want to number.........

I don't quite get it.

IMO the racers that you send in are racecars no matter what kind of car it is. No matter which sanctioning body, racecars have numbers. That's how the unknowing (and possible the race host) can tell them apart from each other. A 'control number' is the same thing.

I personally like the number idea. When looking over results it's much easier to see who raced who and how everyone did. You no longer have to go look back at the pics or spreadsheet. It might take a few races to remember who's number is who's. But it's the same with MotoGP, NASCAR, etc.

don't they have to earn their #s ?... first place gets #1 for the next year...

don't they have to earn their #s ?... first place gets #1 for the next year...

Sometimes, it depends on the sanctioning body.

That's an idea....

Is a three digit number allowed?


My opinion: When 00-99 are taken we'll look into using three digit numbers.

Here's my idea:
We number our cars like the NHRA does. For example, the first number would be your division number, and then there would be two or three numbers after it that would be random. For example, I live in Oregon, which is in NHRA division 6. So the first number would have to be 6, then the other two or three numbers could be whatever I wanted. I would choose 44. Therefor, my number would end up being 644. How about that for a number system?


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