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Ragtop Road Trip Reunion

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Big_Poppy 4/15/19

I’m betting the 2 grams is a typo. It should be 12. I’ll double check today. If you send an extra car no worries, I’ll get it back to you. Thank you for being so diligent.

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Big_Poppy 4/15/19

It was a typo. The package weighs 12 grams not 2.....  duhhh

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Big_Poppy 4/22/19

All cars in, weigh in complete. Filming has started. Introductions to come out ASAP. There will be a Pick'em contest. Youtube followers can post to the video their picks for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Points will be given for each vehicle picked in the top 3 and extra points will be given if they are selected in the correct finishing positions. See more details at my Youtube Channel:  Ragtop Roadtrip Reunion

Good luck to everyone! It should be a blast! Now if I can talk my son into trading his rides. Lol 

Good afternoon Big Poppy. Did the weather cooperate for the Ragtop races?

Hello... ? did this race happen?

  • Partially at this point. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I'm discovering that I can't currently produce what I want to see the way I want to see it on the screen. I'll have the race completed by this weekend and will start publishing the videos. I have a terrible trait of making sure things are fair and on the "up and up". These things have slightly delayed me, but rest assured the racing has and is happening and will be completed and uploaded as I see it can be. But make sure you go and make your predictions! — Big_Poppy

Poppy, When do you expect the videos to be up and the cars returned? 

  • He Gone! LOL I’m sure he’s not going to ghost us. Right? — NastiNatiRacing
  • I'm thinking positive thoughts. Seems like a straight up guy. I'm seeing him post on Calgary's Daily Picks, but not sure why there has been no communication on his own race. Again, positive thoughts lol — Your_Nightmare
  • Match up video was uploaded last night! After a week or so of people's predictions the first video will come out and then every 5 to 7 days the next round as noted at the beginning of this thread. I've been asked to work a double shift at work for the summer. This WAS NIOT a welcomed request. But I'm still going to get the videos out. I'll return the cars before Memorial Day. I'm actually leaving for a vacation this Friday. — Big_Poppy
  • Double shifts suck. Doesn’t your boss know how important racing is? — NastiNatiRacing
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Big_Poppy 5/1/19

Here's the Bracket Seedings.

2019 Ragtop Reunion Bracket Seedings

In your own time then Big Poppy. It's just good knowing you're ok because we all know how surprising life can be.

Thanks and hope the rest of your week is a good one!

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Big_Poppy 6/11/19

Event has been completed and all videos uploaded to Big Poppy Racing Youtube Channel.

Ragtop Reunion Playlist

Thanks Folks!

  • Nice job on your first RLD event. Kudos to you. You have a great voice for the race call. — Your_Nightmare
  • Have the cars been sent back to those who did not donate them and paid return shipping? — Nightstalker

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