Ragtop Road Trip Reunion

Saturday, April 27th, 2019
Big_Poppy Sunday, 3/17/2019

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It's just about summer and that means Cruisin' with the top down! So for the first Big Poppy Race Event we are featuring convertibles. True convertibles only! We will use Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars and trucks without a lid. A T-top or sunroof IS NOT a convertible. :)

Rules & restrictions

  • Stock entries only
  • 60g maximum weight
  • 3.25in. long x 2in. tall x 1.25in. wide
  • Limit 2 entries per person, 4 entries per household (Edited)
  • Retail axles and wheels only (FTE are retail). No premium or custom axles allowed.
  • Straight from the package, so they race as is!
  • They must be on their original blisters/packaging and never opened.

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host before Sunday, 4/21/2019. Racing is scheduled for Saturday, 4/27/2019. Results will be announced as video races on the Big Poppy Racing Youtube channel as is convenient for the host.

The videos will post as follows:

Video 1 - Bracket Lottery, card weigh in & "Pick Winner". 

Video 2 - 1st round of racing. (16 races)

Video 3 - 2nd round winners bracket (8 races)/1st round losers bracket (8 races)

Video 4 - 3rd round winners bracket (4 races)/2nd round losers bracket (4 race)

Video 5 - Semi-finals winners bracket (2 races)/completion of losers bracket (5 races)

Video 6 - Recognition of all racers, finals and crowning of winner!

Video results will be posted as fast as they can be produced by the host.

How to enter

Contact the tournament host to get the shipping address.

Include $4.00 for return shipping if you want your entries back. Entries not getting returned will be given to the winner as part of the prize.

Please print and include a Race ID slip with your entry

Folks that want to pick the winner before the racing begins will have a week from the time the selection video is posted. After that the races will start and picks will be locked. Here's my Youtube channel, please subscribe and watch:

Big Poppy Racing


1st Prize - Hot Wheels 2009-043 '65 Mustang Convertible Treasure Hunt!

2nd Price - Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt (TBA) (Donated by Fly By Night Hot Wheels)

Youtube Prediction Prize: Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt (TBA). This will go to the person who picks the winner of the tournament before the races begin. You will have 1 week from the posting of the brackets and entrants to pick your winner on the Big Poppy Racing Youtube channel. If more than one person picks the winner the prize winner will be selected via the Big Poppy lottery cage. The same way the race brackets are picked.  



The track is a combination of old Orange and current Hot Wheels orange track featuring the 2 car starter from the "Ole Days" and Finish Line Sensor from the 6 Lane Drag set. All races will be filmed and published for your viewing pleasure. It'll be a straight shot for almost 30 feet with a numerous small rises and falls simulating a drive down a country road! See upcoming track Journal.

Race format and scoring

This will be a DOUBLE-elimination tournament. Two cars will race at a time. Cars will alternate lanes between each race. A car will move on in the bracket only when it wins two races in a row. When a car loses it's first match it will be placed in the losers bracket and have one more shot at winning the tournament.

The car that wins all races to the finals will face the winning car from the losers bracket. The losser's bracket car MUST DEFEAT the winning bracket car TWICE to be declared the winner of the tournament. Race host has final decision in all races.

Bracket seeding will be a random draw of the blisters. If there are 2 entries from the same person each entry will be placed in opposite brackets.


Cars are given a grace of 2g over the stated weight limit to account for variance in scales.

If a car fails to meet any of the restrictions listed above, the car will not qualify for tournament prizes. Offending cars will still race. Prize will go to the runner-up in the case of penalty car winning.

Cars that fail to run or fit on the track, or that happen to break during racing, will forfeit their matches. Cars that arrive broken will attempt to be repaired before the tournament. Cars that break during the tournament will not be repaired or replaced.


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Big_Poppy 3/17/19

Spots Taken (32 Positions Filled)

1/2 RNR  (Cars Received)

3/4 NIck Deavers (Cars Received)

5/6 League of Speed (Cars Received)

7/8 Andrew A (Cars Received)

9/10 Traction-Event (Cars Received)

11/12 Wayne Wright  (Cars Received)

13/14 Bobby Hopkins (Cars Received)

15  Hot Wheels Calgary (Car Received)

16  Knox DeCamp (Car Received)

17/18 Nightstalker (Cars Received)

19  Colonel Mustard (Car Received)

20  ARCcommand (Car Received)

21  Rocky Top (Car Received)

22  Melody Terry (Car Received)

23  Grayson Hall (Car Received)

24  Ethan Hall (Car Received)

25/26  Your Nightmare (Cars Received)

27/28  NastiNatiRacing (Cars Received)

29/30  Lady of Speed (Cars Received)

31/32  Fabio (Cars Received)

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Big_Poppy 3/20/19

Either message me for address or post request below.

Big Poppy

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Nightstalker 3/29/19

Very Interesting

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Nightstalker 3/29/19

Put me in for 2. will need address

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Big_Poppy 4/2/19

Getting close folks, a lot of interest! Thanks to Hot Wheels Calgary for the plug! I'll be adding a track video this weekend hopefully. It's just a smooth easy going track, I'm sure there won't be any record times set. LOL

I’m in for 2 cars! 

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Nightstalker 4/10/19

2 in the mail.

If there's room...The Lady of Speed will join in the fun as well.

  • We have 5 spots left, She sending 1 or 2? — Big_Poppy
  • We're each sending 2....Lady of Speed is my Wife. — LeagueofSpeed

I’m assuming you are going to  weigh the cars after you open them? 

  • The package weighs 2 grams, I'll weigh in package first. I'd like to take them out of the package and put them straight on the track. — Big_Poppy
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Big_Poppy 4/14/19

Ragtop Roadtrip Reunion IS FULL!

Thanks so much for the awesome response. 

I’m attempting to pick a legal car, and not trying to be a pain, but..... I have a car that I want to use that weighs 63.25 grams in the box. I weighed a box that I had laying around and it weighed 11.63 grams. Ether my scale is way off or a box’s weight is more than 2 grams. I will send an additional car that will be my backup in case you deem my car not under the legal weight. Just giving you a heads up. 

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