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There was a toy show in town this weekend so I took the kid and spent a few hours roaming aisle after aisle knee deep in GI Joes, Transformers, He-Man and Hot Wheels. My kid scored a few Barbie dolls while I found myself a few mainlines I didn't have in fantasy league collection.

My kid loves Ghostbusters and likes to race with me as much as she likes her Barbie, so when she spotted a Slimer Bread Box, we couldn't pass it up.

Also found this weekend, in the wild at Meijer, were a Skyline I figured I'd never get along with another Datsun wagon (can't have enough of them).

What have you found recently? Post a photo and let us know where you found them...

Just picked up 10 of these FTE '70 Plymouth Superbirds.

Watched it for awhile on Ebay

I won a nice 30 car lot of NASCAR 1/64 scale cars to use on upcoming races!

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