Red Ball Rally 2015

Saturday, May 9th, 2015
2seven Tuesday, 3/10/2015

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Ok Racers, please remember I’m new here so go easy if I’m overlooking something.

 I’m a muscle car, American Iron kinda guy although looking back over past events I didn’t see any wild (obnoxiously painted) exotics (obnoxious American Iron allowable as well). This prompted me to think “Gum Ball Rally” what a great concept for a tournament. Additionally, Hot Wheels provides plenty of makes/models that will work great for this contest!

Check out photos from the real Gum Ball Rally for inspiration

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight 40g max (1 gram + allowable)
  • Size must fit Drag Tracks system
  • 3 Cars max per entrant/household (team colors a plus)
  • Hot Wheels brand, body style, year, make/model - Any previous Gum Ball Rally car
  • OH5 Wheels for multiple color options and FTE Axels allowable but, not a must
  • NO FTEs wheels see link -
  • Must be drilled rivets
  • Dry lubes only
  • Online vote for coolest looking Single Car and Team, during series (Award/Prize poss.?)


$25 gift card to Toys R Us provided by me (# of host’s events TBD, 3 min.)

Also all remaining cars not requested to be shipped back to owners included in prize (Winner pays shipping for them) or last host keeps them.

How to enter

Post a reply along with cars you're going to enter, pictures during your build and pictures of your inspiration a huge plus, not required.

Include appropriate $$ for shipping fees if you want your car(s) back, again if not the last host may send remaining cars to the winner, if the winner wishes to pay shipping for them.

Send your cars to:

Matt Hathaway
1131 Park Place
Dayton, OH 45449

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

All entries must be received on or before May 5, 2015, please!!

Scoring and Winning

Winners of each race will receive 1 point; Winner of each tournament will receive additional 2 points = 3 (1 pt. for victory of final race and 2 pts. for tournament victory).   Single or Double elimination based on participation prior to initiating series.


Overweight cars (Gum Ball Rally cars are light for speed) and/or

incorrect wheels will result in DQ

Tracks & Dates

This is a series tournament (min of 3, max of 5)   

Shipping will be responsibility of hosts once their event is complete. I (2seven) will send to the 2nd host and they will send to the 3rd host etc. etc.

Series tracks

(Hosts must have straight drag style track)

  • 5/9/15, Park Place Raceway - Results
  • 5/16/15, Redline Derby Track, OH
  • 5/23/15, TBD
  • 5/30/15, TBD
  • 6/06/15, TBD

Winners and Results



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redlinederby 3/10/15
Site manager

Count me in on this beat me to the punch for this idea! I posted about the Gumball last summer but I didn't have a track ready to race at that point. Glad we're getting to see this series happen. I love muscle cars but gotta say I'm happy to see a tournament for something different.

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2seven 3/10/15

Yes, Smitty there are many many options in that Google link to choose from for ideas. The guidelines on style are loose though, it's just an idea for a different race primise. Lmk if you have Qs! 


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2seven 3/10/15


Wow, I never saw your post about this, I was just trying to think of something outrageous to have as a my first series request. Please don't think I swiped the idea!  

  • No, man, it's cool - glad it's a reality! — redlinederby
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KandORacing 3/10/15

One confusing rule is that FTE axels are allowed but not the wheels. The FTE wheels are plain old OH5s, just a copper rim to let you know that the nickel plated FTE axles is in them. Maybe you could change the rule to "OH5s or FTEs only, no other wheel styles" to avoid confusion?

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2seven 3/10/15


 the use of FTE axels was suggested to me so I included it. I was trying to eliminate every car having the copper FTE wheels no matter how it was painted or designed. The OH5s offer many different colors

  • Aaaahh, OK. Thanks — KandORacing
  • Good clarification, that was kind of confusing as written — redlinederby
  • one more ?.... open hole 5 spokes are allowed, just not the copper color, right? or only reg 5 spoke...? — CrzyTrkrDude
  • yes open spoke 5s ok — 2seven
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2seven 3/13/15

Open hole 5 spoke, no copper is correct. This will allow even playing feild for participants who are color matching their paint scemes and their rims.


  • can we black out the goldies with a sharpie ? — model40fan
  • There is a black 5 spoke rim available. — 2seven
  • i was kidding as will run wide white walls on the FTE axles, thanks to all that have sent me Gov'ners... — model40fan
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CrzyTrkrDude 3/14/15

Hmmmmm.....   What to do? What to do??

We have decided!  Going for team colors. And basic chrome 5 special imported from Japan!!

Off to the paint shop.

Top secret from here on the paint... Sorry Gang!!


We are going with GAWDY!!  3000 GUMBALLS!!!

  • Love that Lambo stripped — redlinederby
  • very nice, Team color Bare Metal wold be cool — 2seven
  • CrzyTrckDude, how did you post the pictures in this post? I see you are using to post. Thanks — 2seven
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2seven 3/14/15

Question how do you post a picture without a link? thanks


  • Sent you a PM with details. In short, you can't. Gotta use image host. — redlinederby
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CrzyTrkrDude 3/29/15

Just bumping to the top. Keeping it alive!!

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HappyCamper 3/29/15

2seven, is it only real Gumball cars for inspiration or can we use some from the movies also (Gumball Rally, Cannonball Run 1 or 2)?

  • your gonna run the ambulance aren't you???? lol — CrzyTrkrDude
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2seven 3/30/15

I'm really open to whatever you would like to run

Is anyone else entering this one?

I am halfway done with my team. Some wheel work, clear coat, and glueing them together and they are on the way...

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