Redline Derby 2016 will be a year of change

redlinederby Tuesday, 12/15/2015
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A new year is right around the corner and so is another big update for the Redline Derby Racing web site and events.

The last major update was in 2014 and saw the site move from stereotypical message board to a place where everyone is an author and expert. Little else was done over the past 18 months due to my own personal schedule and neglect (aka, life). But in 2016, I promise to make good.

Here's a run down of things to come in 2016

New Design

Yes, another new coat of paint...but this time it should be less drastic. The last redesign was like going from VHS to DVD. This time it's more like DVD to Bluray. It's not so much a format change as it is things just looking a little better. There will be a preview and beta, so stay tuned to get your first look.

The changes in design will allow articles to be a little more organized. As we become a more mature site with lots of good stories, it's important we try to bring that to the top so people don't have to keep digging for it. This also means I'll be reaching out to some you for help...because no one knows the site better than you.

Track directory

There will be a new track directory on the site when the new design launches. Everyone can register their tracks with specs and photos. The directory will then tie into tournaments and fantasy league features in the future...but even with those things, it will be nice to have a dedicated place to show off all the awesome tracks.

Image hosting

Right now, if you want to add an image to your post, you have to upload it to third-party web site and paste in the links. When things launch next year, you'll be able to upload images directly to RLD without the extra step. You can still use PhotoBucket or other host if you want but it will no longer be a requirement.

This serves a few purposes. One, it saves money since I won't have to pay for separate image hosting. It also means I'll have control over the photos so there's less risk of things failing and losing data. Uploading and using images should also be a lot ads or any extra crap.

Mail-in tournament tracking

I hope for mail-in tournament tracking to be here by late Spring. This feature will keep track of tournament events, car entries, points and winners. We'll finally have an official race history!

Having this will also lead to more organized tournaments and classes...think a Mod Class, Stock Class and Pro Class of tournaments. Should hopefully lead to some very cool chases and trophies.

Victory stickers

Straight from the suggestion box, everyone that wins a tournament in 2016 will receive a RLD Victory Sticker in the mail at the end of every month. You'll get a sticker for every tournament you win, so find some wall space. I don't have the budget to do mantle trophies for every tournament but hopefully these stickers will be a fun thing to collect and display.

Photos, videos and live streaming

2015 was the year Redline Derby caught up to 2008, as video slowly took over the site and became the expectation for every race...and I don't expect to change, so lets embrace it.

I'm going to my best to produce some more content features in 2016, along with some help from other community members. The tournaments and guides are our bread-and-butter but we all love looking at cars so expect more photos features, videos and daily updates. 

Fantasy league relaunch

Last but not least...if things go smoothly with the rest of the site early next year, expect the Fantasy League game to return late Summer. I want it want it'll be back. If for no other reason because I have a wall full of carded cars that need to be raced! I'm tired of them collecting dust.

But wait, there's more...

Those were the big points of interest on this road map but there are a lot of little things in my head that will hopefully see the light of day as the new site launches and offers more opportunities. 

And lets not forget about the things that crop up as we go! I can plan and plan all day long but in the end it's usually the "things of the moment" that get done. Gotta strike while the iron is you guys need to tell me what's hot and what's not. 

Of course, none of this would be possible without your support. You've all made this a great place to hang out and have fun, and that motivates me to keep things going and contribute the best way I can. This is like two hobbies in one for me, so thank you!


Thanks for all your hard work.  Change is tough, but it sounds like you got some great ideas.  I'm especially happy about posting photos becoming easier since I seem to have trouble with that. 

  • I have some ideas for by-mail photo sharing to make it easy from phones — redlinederby
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