Redline Derby has never been bigger, literally

redlinederby Tuesday, 2/4/2020
Site manager

If nothing else, all the Triplemania stuff finally gave me an excuse to buy a giant banner. Never thought I'd need one but here I am.


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Team164Bruno 2/4/20
2020 Rated Rookie

Hail Yeah!!!! 

When you hit the Bigtime...ya get a big banner....

  • Dunno bot big time...this might be the first and last time this banner sees the light of day, who knows — redlinederby
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Rusty 2/5/20

Very Cool!!!!!

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Mattman213 2/5/20

Yeah thats awesome.  Good job!


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WorpeX 2/5/20

That is one nice banner!

And here I thought I was doing something big when I got a poster for the Birdco 500...I'm not worthy.... lol... Seriously, that is a great banner!

  • Posters are cool, I didn't think of that! Hmmmm... — redlinederby


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MDG_Racing 2/5/20

Go Big or go home they always say. Nice looking banner.

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redlinederby 10/18/20
Site manager

The Redline Derby event banner finally returned to HQ after some extended time away from home during all this lockdown stuff. Thanks to Bruno for taking good care of it. Happy to have it on the wall where it can hang loud and proud for all the racing that'll be coming up next year.

  • Lookin' good! — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Nice set up. Can’t wait to race there. Where are we at with all of the delayed races? Cars on their way back? I havent heard anything — BlueLineRacing
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