Redline Derby turns 11, happy birthday!

redlinederby Monday, 9/21/2020
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I'm late with this every year, but our birthday was last week on September 16th.

Happy 11th birthday, Redline Derby Racing!

I don't know if Internet Years are similar to Dog Years, but if so, Redline Derby is well into its 70's - very much a senior citizen, but every year it feels like we hit a new high in some fashion, so to say we're "old" is just wrong. To many of you, we're brand new!

The past 12 months have been a crazy whirlwind in every way imagineable for all of us. The end of 2019 wasn't too bad but then 2020 hit with a doomsday gong. For me, the April showers brought a basement flood, stopping whatever Hot Wheels fun I was planning dead in its tracks. And then COVID hit and things only got worse from there. There I was, stuck at home with extra time to race but I couldn't! 

New features, new products

Since I couldn't race, I doubled down on the web site and the past year saw a lot of new features and upgrades to the site, including our first product release! Redline Derby started selling axle alignment jigs late in 2019 and there have been jigs shipping out every week since. We've sold more than 150 jigs! That might not seem like much but it's WAY more than I anticipated and shattered all my expectations. Thank you to all the folks that bought one for their modding.

The web site got a new YouTube Channel Guide, a photo gallery, a Members section, and lots of other minor changes that (hopefully) made things easier and enjoyable for everyone. Of course, the best thing about the year so far is all the new racers!

New membership was off the charts this year from all around the globe. It feels weird to say that all the lockdown was good for anything, but I'm sure it helped here. More people were stuck at home and discovered racing thanks to folks like 3DBotMaker, which led them to our front door. I'm sure you've made a few new friends hanging out here, as I know I have. Thanks for everyone that came through our neck of the woods and stayed for a while.

More racing than ever before

And last but not least, THE RACING! Event Coordinator, David Currin (aka, League of Speed) kept the RLD calendar full of great mail-in racing all year. From the RLD Nationals to Charger Summer, to the RLD Racing League and everything in between...the efforts of David and all our host track operators are amazing and appreciated beyond belief. And to all the other clubs and channels that have been using Redline Derby to promote their racing, THANK YOU! I hope this site has helped your own diecast racing ventures.

I'm not sure what the next year will bring...hell, I don't know what the next 3 months will bring. But I do know the racing will continue, as will the fun. I like to think that no matter what shit the world throws at us, the simple fun of racing Hot Wheels will keep smiles on our faces. And I hope you'll let Redline Derby continue to be a part of your racing fun.

Thank you for your support, your sharing, and your caring. Happy racing.


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Chaos_Canyon 9/21/20

Congraats dude. It's an awesome website and resource for the diecast community. Glad to be part of it.

Congrats from Silverback Racing Heres to another 50 years.

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Mattman213 9/22/20

Very cool.  Ive enjoyed the last year here and hope to enjoy many more.  Look forward to you getting your track back into shape so we can do more racing out there too!


Congratulations!  This is the most valuable site out there.  Thank you!

Thanks for providing an outlet for all of us to use to help enjoy our hobby.

A great central meeting place for diehard diecast racers!


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Rusty 9/23/20

Happy Bithday!!

No better place to be for sure!!

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