Redline Rundown #24

redlinederby Sunday, 6/28/2020
Site manager

It seems the summer is racing by just as fast as our cars go down the track. Lots of events getting posted to the race calendar recently, along with some continued track builds. Keepin enjoying the journey and sharing your fun.


Lets build a complete fat track parts list
More and more people are jumping on the fat track bandwagon as they continue to discover our racing videos, which is great. But for someone that doesn't want to do the whole DIY thing, knowing what to buy can be difficult. We need your help to put together a list of things one needs to just get a fat track up and running quickly.


First issue of the Diecast Racing Report is out
A new diecast racing magazine has hit the digital newstands, the Diecast Racing Report. The first issue is out now and free to read. You'll find a great rundown of events, an interview with Rust Belt Racing, and a few things in between.

Fraser Ridge Raceway build journal
This track build has been a lot of fun to follow. From early testing on tables & chairs to sculpting mountains and building tunnels, it's a good look at the effort that goes into a complete model track build.

The Baja Drag
A new entry in the Track Directory, The Baja Drag, is a great idea and cool spin on the fat track style. Instead of twists and turns, this one goes straight down and asks cars to hit the jumps, bumps, and most of all, just stay straight.

Guided by the light
Adding lights to your cars might not help them go any faster, but they might look a little cooler. It's not everyone's bag but these LED light kits for cars is pretty neat.

Share your race results
If you've run a race, online, mail-in, or otherwise you should report the results when the race is over. It's easy to do and makes it easy for everyone to see how things finished up. PLUS, podium finishes are tracked for all RLD members.


The race calendar has been filling up and a rapid pace covering races in July-August. Make sure you check out the Race Calendar for complete event listings.

The points standings for Charger Summer have been posted and shows L&M Racing in the lead, but it can all change very quick as the cars race at D64 in Utah.

The Poppa Speed Invitational has been moved back a week which gives everyone some more time to get their cars together, built, and sent to North Carolina for the kick off.

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