Redline Rundown #8

redlinederby Sunday, 2/23/2020
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It was a very busy week with the Downhill Diecast Drags and Triplemania Weekend finally happening. It was a blast and great time but I'm also happy it's done. It was Redline Dery's first public event so it was a little nerve-racking for me it was all a success so no complaints.


Triplemania Weekend was a success
It was a big day for everyone involved and I can safely say that everyone in attendance that I talked to had a great time. There were smiles to be had all weekend. And Redline Derby kinda cleaned up when it came to racing, so that's good too.


RLD Nationals, Stages 3 & 4
Keep an eye on the threads for RLD Nationals this weekend as racing continued in the 57 Chevy tournaments this past weekend. Lots of racing going down at the Bayou City Diecast Raceplex in Texas, so it should be good to see what went down.

Farewell to Philly, a mod's second chance
Dig out a mod that didn't quite do as well as you hoped and give it a second chance in the Philly Farewell tournament hosted by Worpex Racing. Deadline is next week so wrap them up and get them out by this weekend.

Get ready for the Redline Rumble
You got a few weeks but keep an eye on the calendar for the first Redline Rumble.

Sorry for the somewhat light Rundown this week. Most of last week was spent getting ready for Triplemania so I wasn't quite on the pulse of things like I normally was. Lets keep the train rolling this week. Share your racing fun, experiments, and builds!

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