Redline Rundown #9

redlinederby Monday, 3/2/2020
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Wait, what happened to Februrary? We're marching into spring with a ton of racing on the calendar in the coming months. There's something for everyone, from stock racing to the regular modified class. Race in them all or pick the ones that sound's up to you, just as long as you're racing. Keep sharing your stories, your cars, and your tracks. Welcome to March...lets roll.


Building cars for the fat tracks
If you're not racing on a fat track, you're probably watching racing on a fat track. These open track road courses are all the rage and that means we're building cars for them. So what's different between building a car for a drag strip compared to an open track? Lets discuss.


The Cybertruck, take it or leave it?
The Hot Wheels Cybertruck was all over the feeds last week and it's a car design you either love or hate. Fourth grade me loves it. Adult me, not so much. What do you think? But...regardless your feels, it might lend itself to racing.

Teflon axles, can it be a thing?
New member Artao brought up the question of Teflon axles and whether or not they'd work. A source seems to have been found for a small-diameter Teflon rod...but will it work? Will you be the one to give it a shot?

Have a track? Try hosting a race
Hosting a mail-in race on your home track isn't a scary as you might think. Pick your theme, race some cars, tell us who won. Easy. Start small and give it a shot.

How's your axle alignment jig working?
Share photos of your RLD axle alignment jig in action. What's that? You don't have an axle alignment jig? No problem. Just head on over to the Redline Derby Shop and get one for yourself...only $12 and free shipping!


Philly Farewell
Worpex Racing's final race from the Keystone State is scheduled to race this week, but what's great about this race is it's calling for pre-run modded cars. No new builds here. It's all about second chances. 

Redline Rumble entry draft
The first Rumble is a few weeks away but the entry draft is next week! Look for a show and find out when your cars will enter the race.

The Gov'ner Showdown
This race isn't until May but you might need to do a little shopping for this. Every entry needs a Gov'ner casting and a Country Club Muscle casting to be team. You might have to dig into your stash for this one, but it should be some solid racing action.

Summer is packed, prepare yourself
The summer of 2020 is jammed with some big events, the Charger Summer series and Poppa Speed Invitational. Find yourself a Dodge and get ready to travel the's a build-and-watch. But if you're looking for a true challenge, the Poppa Speed Invitational has a lot of options to choose from. Go big or go small, choice is yours.

Keep an eye out for a few more events and announcements real soon. There's some more summer racing action getting planned. Until then, lets keep up the discussion, folks, and have a great week on and off the track.

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