PagodaRacing Monday, 12/20/2021

I joined RLD in August of 2020. I have a bunch of other hobbies including model railroading. I'm retired but have a 200+ year old house that takes a lot of time to maintain which limits my hobby time.

For years I've been fascinated by sceniced  slot car tracks set in the early 20th century.

I discovered adult die cast racing around 2017 - 2018. About that same time I stumbled upon the Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association. I highly suggest checking out their website and videos.

Sometime in 2020 I got the idea that Duryea and Pagoda hill climbs would be a great theme for a die cast track. That was the birth of Pagoda Racing. 

So back to the old house. Long story, short; while recently replumbing my house I realized if I move my laundry tub, washer and dryer I'll have a 5' x 12' I can dedicate to a die cast track.

Before starting on a track I need to replace some timbers in the cellar and reparge the walls. Track construction will be a couple years out. Fortunately I have most everything I need. Materials I stashed away for a future train layout.

Since 2020 I purchased a Crash Racers set and some Hot Wheels. Three more Crash Racers sets are due here Weds day.

I'm think about building a sectional die cast layout so I can get startted while waiting to finish cellar repairs and take it to some local events.. You can read about that on my post in the track section of RLD.

Have a Happy, Old Grumpy.


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revhobbies 12/20/21

Awesome, welcome back and I can't wait to see the procees and the finish product!

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