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redlinederby Friday, 10/13/2023
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I first heard of TrackJack in the forums when someone was asking about finding a similar product that would support the Crash Racers track size. Surprisingly enough, the inventor of TrackJack replied to the thread and I saw that as an opportunity to try out a retail product to see if it was something diecast racers could use.

I reached out to the inventor of TrackJack, Mathew Georghiou from Klever Toys, and he graciously sent me a box to try out for a review.

What is TrackJack?

TrackJack is a track building system for Hot Wheels orange track and compatible tracks. And here "system" means individual pieces that can be connected together to create track supports. I compare the pieces to working like K'nex or the old Construx toys.

The pieces are very easy to connect into towers and scaffolds, but the best feature of TrackJack is how they connect to the orange track itself.

All you have to do to connect track is twist the TrackJack piece. The connectors on TrackJack slide into the channels on the orange track easily and snugly. There are 3 track connectors on each piece; two connectors that double-decker vertically and then one on the side, which is kinda weird but neat at the same time.

The multi-level ability is a standout feature of TrackJack. I would love to see someone incorporate an over/under design in a competitive track, it would certainly be unique. With enough pieces you could create quite the complex structure, like a 15-lane monster track Klever Toys put together.

But therein lies one downside to TrackJack as it is sold today. There are only 16 pieces in a box and that's just not enough to build anything very significant. Even just playing around, I used almost all the pieces to make a basic drop and hill. If I had wanted to make a 2-lane design, I'd probably need 2 or 3 more boxes at least.

Otherwise, TrackJack is a wonderfully simple and durable product. It's a toy that is only limited by imagination, really.

What can TrackJack do for us?

Let's be honest here, the competitive diecast racing crowd is not the target audience for TrackJack. But that doesn't mean the more "serious" track builders can't find a good use for it.

I see TrackJack connectors being great for support within a larger model or build. When stacked in a single tower, it's not the most stable structure and can lean with the track. But if they were held down or given a little extra weight, a tower would be a great way to support hills, valleys, and jumps. You could add a TrackJack piece into a sculpted hill or otherwise hide it and still get  the added stability.

As I mentioned, the multi-level feature of TrackJack could be really cool to incorporate into a track design. A single piece offers two vertical levels but stacking pieces will allow for many more. There's a 2" clearance if you're running track through a piece, which should be plenty room for most castings and styles, shy of monster trucks and other extra large castings.


TrackJack is a fun standalone toy but also a handy item that could be used in your builds to help keep tracks in place and give them some stability. For track builders, I see it as a spot helper rather than something to build your entire track.


  • Compatible and easy to use with Hot Wheels orange track
  • Connecting mutiple pieces can allow for some creative track layouts
  • Sturdy, molded plastic that will last a lifetime; not 3D printed


  • Simple structures can be a little wimpy unless you use a lot pieces
  • Only 16 pieces in a box so a little pricey

More about TrackJack

Again, a big THANK YOU to Mathew at Klever Toys for sending Redline Derby a kit to review.

Visit the TrackJack website for more information and videos on how it can be used to create layouts and other fun. You can buy TrackJack on Amazon.

Are you designing, 3D printing, and selling your own racing accessories?

Mathew also took some time to talk to me about his inventor's journey in taking TrackJack from an idea to a retail product. Read our interview.


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Chaos_Canyon 10/14/23

That's an interesting idea, and I love the idea of some under/over sections of track as it could add an interesting dimension to a track.

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TrackJack 10/14/23

Thanks for sharing your experience with TrackJack!  

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GspeedR 10/17/23

Similar in function to Mattel's vintage tressles but with a bit more usability. They could be useful in elevating curves, if there's a practical way to secure them.

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StarCorps 10/19/23

I purchased 5 sets of these,  and they are great for single lane tracks. 

But... I found them very limited for racing as their configurations do not allow for easy two lane racing. 

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TrackJack 10/20/23

@StarCorps -- thanks for using TrackJack :-) 

I'm curious, what is it that you find doesn't work well for two lanes?  I'm always open to new improvements.  Here are some of my setups ...

  • It looks too far apart to easily connect side by side to crash track — dr_dodge
  • Dr. Dodge has the right of if. I can't put the lanes side by side easily. — StarCorps
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dr_dodge 10/21/23

like this


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TrackJack 10/21/23

@dr_dodge --- thanks for sharing that photo!

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dr_dodge 10/21/23

this is the measuring of crash track
and "my improvements"
It will give you the spacing, though


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TrackJack 10/22/23

@dr_dodge, thanks for sharing.  And good luck with your search for a company to create the new track design that you are exploring.  Hopefully you will find enough interest to proceed with it.

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