RLC O16 Replica Display Drag Race Tournament

Monday, June 21st, 2021
Hosted by Widowmaker Run
WidowmakerRun Thursday, 4/1/2021

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When & Where

Postponed to end of July somtime.

Visit web site for more information


Driver Call ....let me know what car you want to drive and I'll update the list.

Let's see what RLC O16 car is the fastest in a drag race.

I'm sure I'm the only one on the planet who will do this, due to their value.

Car:                                              Driver:
Custom Mustang                 Rodney driving for RoadRunner Raceway
Custom Camaro                  Bob - Widowmaker Run
Custom Barracuda              Daddy G  - G4 Diecast Racing
Deora                                     Crazy Canuck  - the EH-Team
Custom T-Bird                       Ra Sungod
Custom Firebird                    Grimsetter
Silhouette                              Worpex
Ford J. Car                             Mike70
Custom Cougar                     Big Poppy driving fopr Big Poppy Racing.
Custom Corvette                   Eddie Winslow
Custom Fleetside                  Pupulesurfer
Cheetah                                   JD Elst
Custom El Dorado                 Scoupe  - Poverty Hollow ADCR 
Beatnik Bandit                        BigAl
Hot Heap                                SpyDude, Aces High Racing
Custom Volkswagen            Thom "Spanners" Watson Chaos Canyon


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Scoupe 4/1/21

Taking that ElDorado if you don't mind!


Poverty Hollow ADCR 

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SpyDude 4/1/21

The Hot Heap car for me.

SpyDude, Aces High Racing

Cool!  I'll play!

I'll try the Custom Barracuda!  Thanks!

Driver "Daddy G"

Dude...I will drive the Deora if possible

Crazy Canuck

the EH-Team

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RaSungod 4/1/21

Ra Sungod would like the T-Byrd please and thank you.

I will take the custom Corvette - Eddie Winslow


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WorpeX 4/1/21

Silhouette please!

This sounds awesome! I'll take the Fleetside

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Mike70 4/1/21

Can I have the Ford J car please.

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Big_Al 4/1/21

Beatnik Bandit for Big Al please, Daddi-o!

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Grimsetter 4/2/21

Awesome!  I'll take the Custom Firebird please!

Just to wet your whistle for May 3.

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