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RLD Summer Pro-Am official thread

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Mattman213 6/2/21

Great lets get to the action!!!!!!!!


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redlinederby 6/4/21
Site manager

Come watch the Amateur Division attack the track!

Premiere this Sunday 6/6 at 10PM ET

Should have the Pro Division up in a few days if all goes well. 

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redlinederby 6/5/21
Site manager

Pro-Am Double Header, Sunday 6/6 at 10PM ET

The Video Editing Gods smiled upon me and gave me time to get the Pro Division video busted out so Sunday night is now a Pro-Am double header! The Amateur Division premieres at 10PM ET and then the Pro Division will premiere at 10:30PM. A good hour of racing for you and your friends.

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redlinederby 6/6/21
Site manager

Whew! Thanks to everyone that tuned in the for premiere Sunday night and to all the entries. Congrats to both winners in this kick-off. Great, close racing across the board that leads us into Stage 2 on the open track with the Diecast Racing Report. 

Congrats to Rubber Tow and Mattman213 for winning their respective divisional tournaments. They lead their division with 80 points. Sneaky Bob and Voxxer Racing make 2nd and 3rd on the Pro side, and The Commish and Big Mac make up the same on Amateur side.

Coming out of Stage 1, the team of Sneaky Bob & The Commish lead with 120 points. The team of Mattman213 & SpyDude and RLo Racing & Rubber Tow are tied with 90 points, and then Mopar Mac & Big Mac not far behind with 80 points.

We are still well within the Anything Can Happen Zone as the cars prepare to face an open track. We all know that open track racing is a different beast. Just building a fast car isn't enough. Open track cars need stability along with a good handful of luck. 

Check out the official Summer Pro-Am points topic to see all the standings so far

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Mattman213 6/6/21

Great first round of racing and I imagine the next round will be nothing less than psychotic.  Chaos will be the name of the game for sure.  Hope we all survive!!!


  • Open track really is a wildcard thing. It'll be extra interesting to see if performance of cars is even remotely similar on both open tracks. — redlinederby
  • Yeah Im betting it will shake up the leaderboard for sure AND like you said, will we see the same cars handle both open tracks well or will we see an entirely different result? Most important to me is...will everyone survive and have any pep left for Bluelines drag track...thats gonna be interesting for sure. — Mattman213

Question? According to the points in the RLD Race, it states that if you made it to the 2nd round and lost... You get 40 points? Is this correct or am I reading it incorrectly? See below!!! 

  • That's right. So lose in round robin, 10 points. Lose in 1st elim round, 20 points. Lose in 2nd elim round, 40. Final round loser 60 and winner 80 — pupulesurfer
  • Yup, you're correct. Second round = semifinals. So 4 cars went in, 2 lost and they get 40 points (3rd and 4th place finishers). 2nd place gets 60, 1st gets 80. Losers from robin get 10 — redlinederby
  • Okay, I am still a little Confused but I think I got it. I was thinking that after you win in you group, that advances you to the second round. I am not familiar with the terms "Round Robin" Okay.... Now, I know. — RIVERA_RACING
  • No problem, man. I feel like I still barely understand tournaments and I've been running them for years! Round Robin is just where everyone in a group races each other once to earn points...kinda like a qualifying round. Do well and you move to the bracket which is your standard issue thing. And in this series, everyone gets points. You just get more the better you do. — redlinederby
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Sneaky_Bob 6/7/21

I'm looking forward to the open track racing.  My car tested well on my track, but we will see.

Nice job mattman213.

  • Good job, Bob! I think folks thought Matt and Voxxer would be 1 and 2, and you made for some great upset drama early in this series. Bravo! — redlinederby
  • Yup! I definitely would have lost my money if I were a betting man...Lol. Great job! I just didn't like the fact that I had to be in that Group!...Lol — GhostRacing
  • YOU deserve the praise man you knocked down some big names AND gave my Jag the closest races it saw...TWICE. Great build and I hope it keeps up the blistering pace down the road! — Mattman213
  • I would have lost money especially against Voxxer. — Sneaky_Bob

Highlights of What I thought was one of the Best Races of the Night! Rivera Racing and Sneaky Bob side by side until the finish line! Congratulations My Brother! What a Win!!! Hope we get to Race against each other at Blueline! 

  • Great build as usual Rivera! You were right there. — GhostRacing
  • Thanks, it was a tight race and every round I was surprised. — Sneaky_Bob
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SpyDude 6/7/21

Good job, Mattman! Great start to the season!

I hope I can hold up my end of the team here. Let's see how well mine does on the open track as compared to the drags.... I gotta learn what I'm  (mostly) building for here, what works and what doesn't.

  • Thanks! The next couple races are anyones to win so itll be fun to see how the points shake out before Bluelines portion. — Mattman213

I was really hoping for a better result from my build. I put my weights more towards the middle of the chassis than I normally do. I'm hoping this will help with the open track courses. Does anyone have any constructive criticism?

Congrats to Mattman for the win! I always dread being paired up with you early. Haha. Best of luck to everyone in the rest of the races!

  • Thanks! We will see how the next couple rounds go but building for the fat/open track was not a priority this time around for me...we will see how that goes here soon! — Mattman213
  • Yeah I don' think Redline likes us very much...Lol. As far as open track. From what I've heard, generally, it is better to put weight toward the center. So we'll see how it goes. I think this next round is going to be wild! — GhostRacing
  • Doing a single car for a multi-track setup is hard, because you have to figure in what each track is and how it will affect the car. Drag cars may not work as well on road courses, and vice versa. It all comes down to, "Did you do the best you could?" — SpyDude
  • Thanks to everyone for the feedback! I am hoping to have a better performance on the open tracks. — Secondhand_Speed
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DXPRacing 6/9/21

Congratulations everyone on the first stage.  There are some fast cars in this one.  Everybody keep your heads up because these open tracks can be unpredictable.  

I created a playlist that will incorporate each video from all 4 channels:

  • Thanks. There's also a playlist on the RLD channel. The first page of the thread has the playlist in it and I'll be adding the latest videos as they get posted. — redlinederby

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