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RLD Summer Pro-Am official thread

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redlinederby 6/30/21
Site manager

I think it's safe to say that no one expected the action and outcomes of Stage 2. It was a surprise and less than ideal conditions. Frustrations and reactions have been shared ad nauseam at this point, so it's time to just move on to Stage 3 and keep this series rolling.

The cars are currently in Connecticut at BlueLine Racing HQ getting ready for Stage 3 action. I asked BLR to do minimal repairs to cars before they start racing. He'll do all that he can to make cars roll better without having to take them apart. I think that's as fair as we can get at this point.

But even then, some cars faired worse than others. Injury reports have been posted for both Amateur and Pro divisions. It sounds like most cars will be able to run the BLR track albeit a little slower and probably more wobbly than desired. 

All cars will go down the track. I think it's only fair to give every car a chance, even maimed. If anything, this whole fiasco gives the series a true "Anyone can win" feeling that no one could have anticipated. Lets try to have fun with it.

No rule changes will be made for Stage 3. However, in light of the poor scoring used for Stage 2, we'll adjust the scoring system for Stage 4 to be a more normal 5-3-2-1 points arrangement for the round robin qualifiers. We should see much more points on the next open track, and far less carnage.

As much as I can, I apologize for the situation with Stage 2 and more so for whatever damage was sustained by the cars. Part of the idea behind the Pro-Am was endurance and seeing how cars would hold up over 4 separate tracks. Well, we got it, albeit a little more than intended.

So lets continue to have fun with our hobby and try to enjoy watching our cars tackle two more tracks before we crown some champions.

  • Thanks, but if/when there is a next time.. I think I speak for everyone when I say that only proven/calibrated tracks should be used — RLoRacing
  • Yeah its all good man and I have no negative thoughts for you as Ive said before at all. RLO is right tho, only proven tracks from here on. If I had known how terrible the new track was going to be I woulda built accordingly and NOT sent a stretched, painted, detailed and dialed in screamer of a mod LOL — Mattman213
  • I agree entirely with your last sentence tho...lets get back to the fun of it all and look forward to some entertaining next couple rounds. Itll REALLY be interesting to see who survives and rises to the top now. — Mattman213
  • Agreed 100%. This will probably be my last multi-track event for a long while. This episode has me re-thinking a lot of things for RLD going forward. — redlinederby
  • I wish we would have all made it through unscathed. I'm pretty much done as far as the tournament when it comes to points, but I'm looking forward to the next couple of stages. — GhostRacing
  • Stage 2 brought a whole new meaning to 'leveling the field.' — SpyDude

We will have to start building "Shadow Jets" in order to race now. The body will cover 85% of the wheels. It gives us a 15% advantage over a regular car. Us, the Low Stance will help keep it on the ground, and if it flys off the track, hit the button for the thruster jets! ????

Stage 3 Premiers Sunday Night at 10pm eastern.

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DXPRacing 7/11/21

Great job with the video Blueline!!  Always enjoy your straight to the point videos!!

Congratulations Mattman!!  Had you worried a little, maybe....

  • Yeah you were putting down some solid passes for sure!!! Good job on that Caddy! — Mattman213
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SpyDude 7/12/21

OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!

 Jesus, Ca$h, I thought you had me there at the end!


  • Congrats on the win Spy Dude!! Solid Build! I just couldnt get past that1.9 barrier consistantly; see you at the Shoebox Tournamment!! — CaShMoneyBoyS
  • BIG BIG win there Spydude, good job!!! — Mattman213
  • My first major win!!! Woohoo! — SpyDude

Great Racing last night!

I think I did fairly well, I haven't done well in any of Bluelines Races at all. Nothing to do with the track (The Track is Solid) I just cant figure it out yet! Well at least we put some solid numbers up as a team. Ca$hMoneyBoy$ did his part. Kinda sucks seeing a few cars not at thier full potential.

We might need to have a RE-DO of the teams from this year, race next year. and if theres enough new ones, add another "AM" team to everyone.... Just an Idea. I dont think anyone will be able to win MATTMAN and SPYDUDE at this point. I think the scoring/points system needs to be thought out a little better. It just seems like there is such a big gape in points and it doesnt give anyone other then the top 6 teams to be comparible after the first race (unless there is a disaster race...RIP Voxxer) I dont have a track nor do I know a beter points system. I am sure someone does and others feel the same way I do.

Whats your OPINION? 

  • I agree with you. Having a re-match race is certainly on the table for many reasons! We'll see what happens there. — redlinederby
  • As far as scoring, I'm open to ideas because we tried to make this scoring less gappish. Plus, remember this wasn't setup as a "team" event, rather just singles and as I've updated the points, the names have switched quite a bit thanks to the Stage 2 drama and Stage 3 upsets. It'd be great if every event/series was a nail-biter to the end but that's not always gonna happen no matter what the scoring is. Considering we're heading into the last stage and it's an open track again, a lot can happen in the 4th quarter. — redlinederby

I guarantee the standings will be shaken up after stage 4.  The fastest car does not always win at the triangle...they've gotta be consistent, stable, with a low CoG......and have a little luck

  • If you're selling any luck, can I buy some! lol — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Well, at least my car has a low CoG, so one out of three isn’t bad…… — SpyDude
  • Let em rip and see how things stack up when the dust settles! — Mattman213
  • Thankfully theres a safety sub-suface at the Triangle! — CaShMoneyBoyS
  • Do we need to sign waivers??? — SpyDude
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redlinederby 7/16/21
Site manager

Democracy in action...please chime in.

Big Al's entry took big battle damage in Stage 2 to the point where his front axle is detached and floating inside the body. And we all saw the impact of that in Stage 3 on the BLR track with his car barely getting anywhere. No fun.

I want to see what everyone thought if Indiana should be allowed to open Big Al's car and do minimal repairs to at least refix the axle to the chassis. No other action or repairs will be done...just enough to get the car roll-worthy for Stage 4.

What we don't want is for this to turn into a "me too" situation so that IDR has to do surgery on everyone's car. Stage 3 showed that almost all the other cars were making down really well despite some slightly bent axles and such. Big Al's car was quite the exception, I feel, but lets make this a group choise.

Please voice your thoughts in a quick reply. Thanks.

  • I'd be happy to do this for any of the other cars I come across that are completely knackered (won't make it past turn 1) — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • That's fair enough. Get cars to a point where they'll at least have some fun on the track. — redlinederby
  • I’m not sure I get a vote, but Aye — RLoRacing
  • Seems fair to me — pupulesurfer
  • If both Indiana and Big Al are good with it then absolutely I would be ok with it — Mattman213
  • I'm okay with it. — Secondhand_Speed
  • Its really up to the rest of the pro’s my opinion. Big Al’s call ultimately. — CaShMoneyBoyS
  • Yes. Do it. — SpyDude
  • As a spectator, I don't see any harm in the Big Al's Car being repaired by IDR. In fact I think it's a good idea. Good Luck to all of the racer's! — PoBoy_Racing
  • This is supposed to fun. I have no problem with it. — DXPRacing
  • my last place is in jeopardy :) , by all means fix him — CapperDeluxe
  • I say yes. Take care of Big Al. — Kaiju_Colorado

it should be noted I'm very much an amateur, so it's not like Al would be getting any kind of advantage

  • Nah, but a simple reglue of the loose axle will make a world of difference without giving it an edge. Its not like your adding any lube, just giving it a fighting chance and having some fun. — Mattman213

I think Al deserves to see his car have a chance after what it went through in stage 2. The car looked to be a solid build prior to the damage and I know for a fact he builds a good car based on past entries. Normally I would say in a circuit race like this that the durability of your build is part of the competition but in this case I think gluing the axel down is warranted. 

  • Yep 100% agree. That 2nd track was not typical abuse so repairing it enough to make some passes is a-ok by me. — Mattman213
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SpyDude 7/17/21

Stage Two brought a whole new meaning to 'leveling the field.'

Go ahead and fix Al's car. He deserves that break, considering none of us knew what we were getting into on that track, and he got it the worst. Battle damage is one thing ... a totally crippled car that can't run is another.

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