RLDRL 2021?

EightOCRacing Saturday, 11/21/2020

So I'm kinda curious to know....

Will there be a Redline Derby race league in 2021, or is everyone gonna do their own events next years. I know a few have talked about running their own leagues. Just wanted to see where everyone is at.

Its kinds weird to think that next month could be it for the league.


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Uncle_Elvis 11/21/20

My $0.02: 

I enjoyed the events this past year, even though I joined late in the season. I would dig variety in the race styles. Folks could host whatever style race but it be deemed the points "derby race" for that month. Not just the side-by-side, gravity drop races.

Basically what D64 does with the feature race. I mean, just stick to the rules once you post them.

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Mattman213 11/21/20

RLDRL was one of many many races and series of races that went on during the year.  Redline, LOS, NDR and many others had other events that were separate and alot of fun and numerous folks were stops at a couole different nationals style races.  I know for a fact that the sickness and a few other unavoidable inconveniences slowed alot of the racing down and put a damper on things but I really really hope that 2021 gets back to business as usual and we can all have some fun again!  Theme races, Nationals style events and the RLDRL would be enough to keep my busy for sure!

We shall see


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redlinederby 11/22/20
Site manager

There will be not an official RLDRL next year. If some other club/channel wants organize a year-long league series, RLD will certainly help promote and maybe host, but I will be not be organizing the event. 

After all the shenanigans over the past 6 months, I'm looking at 2021 as somewhat of a reset when it comes to RLD races. Lets have a clean start. Now that I have my own track back online, I'll be organizing as many races as I feel I can handle and manage. I don't feel the goal for me is to host a race every month or manage a marathon series. There is plenty of racing going on around the country to fill everyone's time.

The "big" RLD series for next year is the Redline Derby Pro-Am that will happen over the summer. Otherwise, I've got a race planned for every other month or so starting in Feb, and that's plenty for me to handle. Bottomline, I'm starting with what I'm comfortable planning with the possibility of always adding more as we go. 

  • I know I’m new to all of this, but my first custom race was a RLDRL. I’m bummed it was come to an end, right as I’m beginning but look forward to what you have up your sleeve next! — GoldenOwl
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