Redline Derby 2021 event preview

redlinederby Monday, 11/9/2020
Site manager

A lot of us already talking and planning race events for 2021. Honestly, I don't usually plan that far ahead but this coming year I'm trying to change that.

Here's a look at the events Redline Derby plans on organizing for next year:

All the details and dates for those will get posted as we roll through 2021. I don't like to start threads too early but will do my best to get "official" threads started at least 60 days before the deadlines. 

The list above also isn't necessarily all the events that I'll be running next year. I don't want to overbook myself plus there's other stuff I want to get done for RLD and just need time to do those things. If I feel there's time for more races, then we'll do some more.

And obviously, there is a TON more racing being shared and posted on the calendar from other clubs and channels, so make sure you keep tabs on those and enter all the events you think will be fun and challenging for you.


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Mattman213 11/9/20

Woot!!!  We need another RUUUUMBBBLLLEEEEEEE!!!


  • Totally. I'll find somewhere to stick one. — redlinederby
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SpyDude 11/9/20

Off-Brand Humdinger? This sounds amusing ..... do tell us more. Is this like all the other die cast stuff out there, like Maisto?

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Peter_Bee 11/9/20

Awesome! Looks like I'm going to be busy in 2021....

  • Hey, go check out the Birdco event, taking place live on New Year's Eve from Canada. First race of the year. — SpyDude
  • Yeah, I still haven't decided if I'm running it. The car has to be bone stock-you can't even lube it, and it gets given away. Plus Birdco Pass is a very unpredictable track...hard to guess which fast car would do well there. I like having a little more input into the outcome than that lol. But then again, a 1 in 128 chance of winning ALL the cars....hmmmm, something to dwell on. — Peter_Bee
  • I'm entered in the Birdco 1000. I got a Buy-in car so I didn't have to make any decisions lol. — Peter_Bee
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redlinederby 11/19/20
Site manager

Open call for race sponsors

If you have something to peddle or need something promoted and you think one of the races listed above is a good opportunity, please send an email to and I'll get you info about what's involved in being a sponsor. It's pretty simple, honestly.

Redline Derby is a great promotional platform for your diecast related products and brands. We've helped the likes of 3DBotMaker sell a ton of stuff over the years to a very engaged and dedicated audience.

If you have a preference as to which event you want to sponsor, please include that in your email. Otherwise, we'll figure out the best spot based on what your goals are.

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