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When: Saturday, April 4, 2015

Since we have a bunch of new racers on the site right now, I think it would be cool to put together a Rookie Race. So, if you've been lurking and want to race, here is your chance!

Rules & Restrictions

How to enter

Just speak up on this thread. Put pics of your builds if you'd like to

Where to send your cars

I will offer to host the first race of this series:

Chris Raab

9 Sherman Ridge Road

Sussex, NJ.    07461

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

April 4th, 2015

Scoring and Winning

The races will be single elimination tournament style races...random draw


Since this is a Rookie Race, the participant will be notified if there are any problems with there cars

Tracks & Dates


Series tracks
  • April 4th, 2015, NJ - 72_Chevy_C10
  • Aprill 11th, 2015, OR - K & O
  • April 18th, 2015, WA - Delta 6
  • April 25th, 2015, Rusty
  • May 2nd,  2015,  ME - Model40fan
  • May 9th, 2015 NJ - 72_Chevy_C10

Winners and Results


Chris, thank  you for posting this possible event, count me in.  Perhaps there could be some type of body style limitations.  Other than that this sounds great.

I'd like the new racers to determine the 'style' of the cars

Okay, new racers, lurkers, here is your chance to get involved with all the fun here on RLD!

Since we have a Rookie crop on here right now, let's have a race! I will organize the race, but not compete! And I'm sure that some of the other experienced hosts on here will help out as well!

I'd like the theme of this race to be determined in this thread by new racers! What would you like to race? Nascar?  Muscle Cars? Hot Rods? Speak up!

I'd like to invite some of the relatively new racers to compete....CCRider, B&G, Cortez, Luke11 (as long as he does all the work himself!). Please help to make this a fun event to welcome new racers to RLD!

the sloppies will also sit back and enjoy the races...  great chance for guys with new tracks to try hosting...



Probably a good note to say there doesn't have to be a theme. Themes are fun and can provide for some great challenegs, but if the racers would rather just send anything under the basic rules of weight, size, etc., thats fine too.

Excellent idea. I may be able to host once the ball gets rolling.

Very good idea!  The Amateur League!  (Maybe something to think about having annually.)

Thanks Guys!

Thanks for offering to Host, Dan.

I hope that this event can get some new faces involved!

The races will be single elimination tournament style races...random draw
If this means no timing system required we can host mid way thru the races if needed.

Nope, no timing systen required! Thanks for offereing to host...I hope you'll race too!
go rusty go !

Let me know if there is a date that I can host. I like the idea of this!

go k n o go !
Thanks Keith! No dates yet...I'll let you know!

I will enter this event 

Welcome underFUNded!

What does drilled rivets mean car needs to have been taken apart how about run what u bung as long as the weight is good and it has f.t.e anything goes ??

Hi otp1!

The drilled versus unfilled is always an issue around here...a hotly contested one! Most of the races are 'drilled rivet' races...meaning mod races. 

Since you have to take the car apart...I.e. drill the change the wheels, or really, just to do a good paint job, a lot of people drill their rivets all the time to alter their cars. But others, don't like to alter their stock cars. To each their own, as far as I'm concerned.

But, most of the races are drilled rivet, modded races. And it really isn't that hard to drill a I said,  if you are changing the wheels, you have to anyway.

So, basically, we generally keep the mods and tge stocks separated. 

Sweet that's what I thought I have drilled a few lately cool thanks
go otp1 go !

TTT (to the top)

I'd like to get some thoughts on the 'theme' for this race...what would you guys like to race? Muscle Cars? "50's Cars? Corvettes? (I'm just throwing out ideas).

Please feel free to speak up, if you have a preference!

Or, we could run an 'anything goes' long as they meet the size and weight?

Let me know!

Well, if this race is for the new guys to get their feet wet perhaps one should let them modd whatever they already have on the shelf... As opposed to buying an FTE car for the axles and then having to buy a certain car to meet the rules... [variable axle widths]  After the race, the racers should let one know what they liked and didn't for the next series...

Sloppy Opinion Only.

72_Chevy_C10 could be whatever...just trying to get opinions :)

I'm good on any theme. I also think we should just let it be open as long as it meets size and weight...maybe limit wheels for the guys that don't have fte wheels. 

I am really looking forward to this and hope I can get something ready.  I am also in the camp of as long as size and weight are met then we are good.  It opens the door to some creativity among the noobs (like me).

My 18 month old son and 4 year old daughter recently got me back into hot wheels.  I was able to make some good purchases on Craigslist for some storage bins full of track and some bins full of cars.  I would be in favor of limiting the wheels as I don't have any FTE cars at the moment but I do want to drill the rivets to see what I can do with modding. I do have a question about wheels though.  I looked up 5 spoke wheels on the Hot wheels wiki.  When 72_Chevy_C10 recommended "5 spoke" wheels does that only refer to "open spoked" or is that any wheel with five spokes?  If I missed a post explaining this just refer me there please. 

5-spokes sounds like a good idea to me. Here is the definition of a '5-Spoke'

I'll wait for some more input before it becomes official...but, any body style, 5-spokes, 57 gram, sounds like a plan!

Thanks for the input, Guys! It's cool to have some new faces!

I think I have a kinda cool idea, for something to make this even a little cooler.

I ran two 'Series' events over the last year

And, I think it might be a good time to run another one in conjunction with this race. And I'm thinking that it will be a Workshop Series race (I really like the Workshop series cars!).

This would give all of the 'regulars' something to watch, as well as the Rookie Race!

And, for a date, I'm thing April 4th, 2015.

Let me know what you think

I think the themed carded races are a great idea, like the City Series, etc.
Great way for the Rookie or Lurker to jump on in and have a chance of winning it all.

I think that there are enough new racers on here to make this an official event...we'll start it April 4th. And I'll run a 'Rip and Race' Workshop series race along with it also!

I added some dates and hosts to the first post...does that work for you guys, K&O, Delta 6 and Rusty. Let me know if those dates are okay for you guys. If anyone else would like to host, give me a shout...I can host the last race.

Thanks Guys!


The date you have me for will work. If anything comes up that gets in the way I'll let you know

Hopefully not stupid questions from a impending rookie:

When we submit our two cars by April 4 to 72_Chevy_C10 does he then send them on to the next track? 

Do we need to send in postage for him to send them along?  I am aware of the ID card required.

This is my first time doing anything like this so excuse my ignorance.

welcome aboard HC... the finals host needs the postage $, sending it along with the cars isn't the greatest...
Yup...what they said! :) You send the cars to the first host...and they send them along

Happy Camper, you ship your cars to the first host. The first host will box all the cars and ship them to the next host...and so it goes till the series finale. Then the final host usually needs return shipping if you want you cars back.

To host you need to take on some financial responsibility. Run a fair race, document the results, and move the cars to the next venue in a timely manner.

Hey guys! I guess you could say I'm pretty new! You probably know me, though. Seeing as I live in Australia, I cannot race (well, I could but crazy expensive shipping prices are the only barrier), if I lived in the US I would have probably entered in all the races but oh well. What I'm asking is, has anyone got a fast rental car that I could use in this? I really want to race, and this seems like a perfect race to do it, because possible helpers don't have to go out and buy cars to put together just for me. Does anyone have some considerably fast mods that are just lying around? I don't know. I guess it would cost you money to ship a car across the U.S. to a host, so I'm fine if you can't do it. Help a fellow racer out?


Hey Matt,

I hope that we can come up with a way for you to race! I don't really have any old racers laying around that fit this race (I haven't done much 5-Spoke racing), and I'm not really a rookie here.

Since, I will be hosting the first race, I will make sure that you have a car in this race! I'll post pics of your car here so everyone will see it...I don't want anyone to think I'm giving you an unfair advantage.

If any of the new racers would like to build a car for Matt, please chime in...but, if not, I'll make sure there is a MattCat car in the race!

Sound good?


can a non rookie step up ? . i will leave the stock 5 spokes alone, just a body modd, put me in if needed
Thanks Smitty!
Thanks C10, that's really nice of you!


I know this may sound odd, but why not build a dozen cars, or ½ dozen and ship them over at one time. I’m sure shipping is still expensive…  Before Weber Cabin left on his overseas trip. He built up some cars, and Clifford Shaw enters them in the events they qualify for.

good idea te, some 45, 50,and 57 grams... love to see 'em roll !

For my clarification we can submit two mod'd cars per the rules set and an unopened "work series" car as well? What does "dry lube mean? Thank you in advance!


Hey 2Seven,

Yes on the two modded cars for the Rookie Race! I'm probably going to hold off on the Workshop series race...the Middleweight race seems to have a little interest, so I think I'll run that race. That way, everyone, rookie and veteran, has something to watch for that weekend!

I'm looking forward to seeing the Rookie cars and having some new racers on here!


As you already know Chris has entered a few cars for me in the past but as this is a rookie race I thought that I'd build a few cars to send over. It will be a good chance to test postage rates and times from the UK to the US as well as improve my modding skills.

Hopefully the entry spec is pretty much sorted as I have two cars already stripped and waiting to be painted this weekend. I will try and post some pics of my progress later today.

One question -  before I add some weight, is it OK to add it wherever you can get it or should it be concealed. On the 13 Copo Camaro I have had to cut a lot of the interior out to fit enough lead to bring the weight up to 57 gs.

Regards Keith

i live 30 miles from the atlantic, in maine, 04210, if i'm cheapest send here i'll ship them with mine...
You can put the weight wherever, Keith...glad you are joining this race!
Thanks for that Smitty. I want to to get them done and sent over soon as it seems cheaper to go for a 28 days postage option.
Cheers Chris, just thought I'd check about weight as we have rules about it's visibility in slot cars.

My two entries for the Rookie race, ready for painting and assembly. What could go wrong?

Awesome! Looking good, Keith!

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to say that I'm excited about this race! I am very happy to see new racers stepping up and racing! I can't wait to see your builds and run your cars!

I put my name down as the host of the finals race, just to make things easier.  I'll run different track layouts gor my two races!

Thanks for competing, Guys! 


I was looking through this thread...and some other stuff...and there are quite a few guys that might be racing in this race. Here's a roll call...





Happy Camper








And, some guys that can race in this race, that haven't raced much with RLD


Cortez Racing

B&G Racing


There's still almost two months before this race, so we might have some more! Did I miss anyone?

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask...or just post your questions here.

Thanks Guys!


I'll see if maybe I can get something ready for this race. Life has been crazy lately...good...but busy.

I've been wondering what ever happened to H&H Racing from Tennessee. He hasn't posted on anything here for awhile now.

Workin' on an Aussie Rookie ... matt can name it when done ...

 '58 T bird nose and grill, '55 gasser body, glass, interior and base... body so far ;

Bent axle replaced with later redlines, windshield drooped after glueing ;


Bone Shaker body, the hoodtop removed, with a Racing Champions grill and hood on a '34 Coupe base ... Mock-up ;

Pulling away !

Matt will be rockin' the outback !

hey 72_Chevy_C10,

     you can add hambonewc to that rookie list too thanks!

Sure thing, 2seven!

CrzyTrkrDude and CrzyTrkrWife should be good for 1 maybe 2 each. My Freightliner just got dropped off for repairs. 

Might be down long enough to throw enough cars ( and trucks) together for a couple races! 

Drill 'em CTD...

This sounds awesome. I'm looking forward to making some cars to send up.

Welcaome Yetidaddy! This should be a fun event!
welcome aboard YTDY

Hey Guys,

I mentioned this in the 'New Ideas' thread, but I thought I'd post it here as well. I'm running this race the same weekend as the 'Middleweight Challenge', I think it will be cool to take the top cars in this race (the top 4 at least...maybe the top 8), and run them with the Middleweight Challenge you can see how you do!

I'm not sure if these cars and the Middleweight cars are going to be 'traveling' together or not...if they do, then the other hosts can also do this!

I'm really happy to see such a good turnout for this race...I hope you are all working on your cars!

Let's see some pics of the builds!

Thanks Guys!


Give the rookies a shot at the title... this I like...
That's what I'm thinking!

CrzyTrkrWife's entry, if we can get it apart and redo the busted front axle...

My entry ended up rubbing the wall the whole way down, and weighs over 59 g.

I call in "The NOS X-Press"

Now, that's a lot of NOS!
go ctd go !
Love the off-center stripe, as it should be
did you J B Rivet the axles down ?
canya see all the "luggage" in the back seat?? hmmm... looks like lead sinkers.
I felt I needed to encase the lead somehow, so, I painted it.
there's a lead ball inside each of the four corners behind each turn signal too. lol
and a half a ball on each floor board under the foldaway dash. Man that car WAS light!

ctd, how did you set up for the pink stripes ?

(See post below)

What's the "NOS bottle" in reality, some sort of big weight? Definitely gives it that Mad Max vibe while also being useful.

(see post below)


I roughed up the orig. White w/ blue stripes Chevelle ( 'cause the citrus based paint stripper  I bought is useless). Followed by 2 coats of walmarts 99 cent gloss black spray paint. Followed by some carefully laid out green Frog tape. Rubbed the line edges down real good and into the body lines( like the hood seam) , then, wrapped the rest around the sides of the car completely encaseing the rest, inside and out. 2 coats of my Wife's Favorite Pink ( Lowes, I forget the brand but it was near $6 for the can). Slowly pealed the tape off. Sticks great, had no issues with peeling the black off. And zero touch-up was needed. Followed by 2 coats of clear coat.

That Frog tape was surprisingly effective. I'll never use the blue stuff again. 

It did use jb Kwik, but the area between the wheels was so narrow, I might not have used enough, or maybe the chrome on the plastic came free. I'm afraid to pop it apart for fear of all sorts of damage. It kinda looks cool dropped so slow, and my wife LOVES IT, So it'll probably join her Chevy collection unrepaired. 

Thanks for asking, I'm honored.

( did you notice I drilled out the headlights and filled them with Elmer's glue for effect?)
neet !


 The bottle is actually a small glass medicine vial, sanitized and painted with a q-tip on the inside with some inexpensive acrylic blue. Took a few coats, since it is so smooth inside, and that is were I inserted the lead fishing weights ( lol).

The "hose" is a section  of floral floral wire wrapped around a pencil, painted blue and jammed into the rubber plug. Lol

The truck itself is a combo of the metal bodied "Boo Berry" and the metal base of the red plastic body truck. Jb'd the axles without removing them since they fit the race specs, but apparently not straight enough since it rubs the wall the whole way down.

And again, used the Frog tape to cover the original high gloss white on the  BooBerry truck. Exacto knifed the corner and sprayed the body with 2 coats of testors  acrylic blue and 2 coats of clear.

I need to learn to slow down, and take pics during the process. I get impatient.  lol

Again, Thanks for asking. I am honored.

CTD,  you mentioned using j b weld on the axle.... a "J B Rivet" is a hole drilled under the axle through the base, it is countersunk on the opposite side of the base that the axle is secured to... this countersink forms a rivet head, keeping the axle and j b weld secured to the base... there are some how to's on this in the older comments...

   Also mattel washes the mold release off the body castings for paint... but because they don't paint the plastic they don't wash it... the mold release can keep the JB quick from sticking...

Thanks. I'll find the older posts. I appreciate it.

My two Rookie entries are nearly ready, I've just got to glue the bodies on and get them in the post.

sharp !
Looking good, Keith!
Nice! I like the yellow!
Love the casting on the right, great pick to go with the black roof
What is the casting on the right? The color and angle are throwing me off.
Looks to me like the '70 Chevelle SS
It's a 70 Chevy Chevelle SS.
I see that now. looks MUCH better in Yellow!! NICE!!

   My rookie cars in progress pic 

Thats a bad case of the Nasties you got going there ...
Oh yeah! I have that engine (in the '55) on my desk, to be molded!
Being hauled by a C10 Chevy....awesome!
Love em!
hmmmmmmmm, don't look at all UNDERFUNDED!!!! NICE STUFF YA GOT THERE!!!!
thanks guys appreciate the kind words lets hope they perform as good as they look
Those look awesome, truck is bonus
as a senior member here all i have to say is... THOSE are... ROOKIE cars ?
What chassis did you use under the Bel Air? Looks great!

The sloppy gremlins pushed matt's "Sidney Shaker" out of the bahn,

 lined it up with the other racer from "down unda"...

.  .  .  .  .  GO MATT GO !

NIIIIICE!! LOVE the color on the Chevy!!
(BTW, the open roof Bone Shaker is now avail in the mystery car baggies in a REAL NICE yellow w/a metal base)
Awesome Smitty

No sooner than I posted the Aussie pix I got a toot on the horn from the mailman ;

THE BRITISH ARE COMING, THE BRITISH ARE CO...nevermind they're at the front door ;

Backside ;

Very, very well packed, so well the guys could have tossed it out the window flying over Foster rd. and it would have been fine ;

Here they come... nice work Keef !

Glad they arrived safely.
They look geat! He's doing the old Team Half Fast paint job that Econo Carl used to use, it looks like
nice looking cars keef. uh oh carl was fast and you proved to be in pony wars. this might be dangerous.
Don't worry to much kharvest, I had help with the Pony War cars. These are my first self modded cars and will probably be a lot slower.
YEH, MAYBE...but they are YOUR cars!

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to bump this to the top, to remind you that we are closing in on 3 weeks out from the start of the Rookie Race! If you are planning on racing and haven't started your build, you might want to get going. If you have your cars ready, you can send them to me any time...don't wait til the last minute!

I have it on good authority that our international competitors cars are already in the country!

I'm excited to see all the cars!


Jacob of Cortez racing says count him in. He's mighty excited about a rookie race.

go jaco go !

Did you notice c10 is hosting first and last heet  ? ... we should all do that... the other racers would pay for the shipping to heet #2... this way the finals host will already have the boxes, the padding and the return addresses... we did that with the Hardcore Downhill Series I...

.... just spit balling !

We went over this already in the past. If I remember correctly we had decided that it would just end up costing extra money.
hmmm... 5 heets, 4 ship to hosts, how does where cost more money ?... is it the new math ?
The racers end up spending more on having their cars shipped to heet #2. Each non-hosting racer spends money on getting the cars to the
first host, to the 2nd host AND back to them.
Actually Guys, I just figured that it would be easier if I handled the first and last heats, since it is their first race :)

Hey! Just found this site! I see that a few people from the DCRX league are here, K&O including (SonicTheBrony is my YouTube name). I'll see what I can do for an entry, but I have to find the time. Don't know if its going to happen, though. :\

Welcome Stocker! I hope you can make the race!
I want to get a Suburu of mine in their... and a Charger. Their maybe changes though.
Both have FTE's, so I'm gonna have to change that
Glad you found the site


I just wanted to stir the pot a little on this one...we are inside three weeks away from this one!

I hope that you guys are getting your cars ready! And I hope that cars will start showing up soon!

Remember to send them to:

Chris Raab

9 Sherman Ridge Road

Sussex, NJ   07461

boxed and shipped some LONG DISTANCE racers today... go keef n' matt go !

I got the cars from the UK and Australia (via Maine)...I hope to see some US cars showing up on my doorstep in the next week or so. Get those cars sent out, Guys...the Rookie Race will be here in TWO WEEKS!!

Hey guys I can still host.Just let me know who needs my address..

Looks like fun.


hosting is the best way to learn how other racers build...and it's FUN!!!!
Just let Delta 6 know your address...he will be sending you the cars

Not enough time for me to get anything ready as I am a fresh face around here. But I will be getting involved in the modded races in the next few months.

You got time, get after race....
I could, I would but I am choosing not to. I have garden planting, garage cleaning, blog writing and a few other things to do before modding
Fair enough...
Welcome Subtle! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

A little while ago, CrazyTruckeDude told me that his schedule was going to get crazy and he wasn't going to be able to get his cars ready. So, I told him that he will have a horse in this race!

I'm just starting on these two now...

Basically, I'm just adding some weight and gluing in the axles.

I hope to see some cars on my doorstep soon! :)

Couple of questions from an aspiring modder:

1.  Lubes.  I purchased an aerosol dry lube from Home Depot (Blaster brand).  When I attempted to apply it on a test car I managed to spray it all over the place.  Seems like everywhere but the axles.  (floor, wall, sleeves, cat...)  Should I purchase a powdered lube that works with locks?  Seems like it would be easier to apply without painting my hands again.

2.  Going to be applying primer today so I can spray paint tomorrow.  Do you guys do the spraying outside and what do you use to hold the car while painting?  I think I read some of you use a bent coat hanger.

I DID learn an important lesson.  DON'T blow on the car after dipping it in paint remover.  Results in speckled points of pain on your face.  Most of you were probably smart enough to figure that one out, though.

I do sections of the car when I strip them..and clean off the lose paint with a wire brush :)

1 - You can get graphite in a tube...I got mine on ebay, I think you can get it in Walmart. This isn't the brand that I have, but it's the same stuff...

2 - I just have a long screw in a piece of wood, and I balance the car on that when I paint it. You don't want to set the car down when you paint it.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's cars!

found some similar graphite to the one above in Hobby Lobby pinewood derby/model paint isle
and at Lowes on the clearance table with a pile of pinewood derby stuff...of all places...LOWES.
Amazon has everything, search for pinewood graphite. If you have Prime, $5.50 shipped for a graphite/moly blend.

1.Spray what you have onto a coated paper plate, when dry, apply the dried flakes / powder with a small knife...

2. Spray outside, I bent a 3/4" wide strip of card stock to resemble a flat topped letter n, drill an 1/8" peg hole in it...tape it down, make it tall enough so the body does not touch the base, the base will "wick" the paint from the bottom surface of the body... make 2 different size / shapes, on your "pallet"  to hold different shaped castings...

3. That stripper can blind you... be "that" careful... 


And After

I shipped my cars today, before and after pictures above. These are my first two modded cars period so I guess they could be worse. Here are my experiences cause i want to shave and i can't think of anyone outside this forum who'd care :)

The white one, which I’m calling “White Zombie” because the original car looked to me how White Zombie / Rob Zombie’s music sounds and…well, I made it white…the original was trying too hard to look bad ass so i thought what if I went the other direction. That car become more challenging than I was expecting.

I opted to install larger wheels in back, I knew I would have to enlarge the wheel wells but it turns out I also had to lower where the axle sits in the body.  Used a Dremel metal cutting wheel to enlarge the wheel wells and a hacksaw to lower the rear axle slot. Used a wire brush in the Dremel to smooth the metal where I cut and where wheels rub and in general all over after I stripped the paint. Followed with Dremel’s metal polishing compound where the wheels rub.

And then the front wheels…I also wanted to make them bigger, easy enough in theory. But in practice it turned out the front had an unusually wide axle so any donor wheels I could find would have to be cut and spaced out with a metal tube in the axle. I got copper tubes. Trying to super glue the axles in was a nerve racking nightmare because one false move and you have super glue in your wheel bore. Also, couldn’t get it to stick. Eventually it occurred to be that since I had a copper tube joining the two halves to just crimp the tube. Which seemed to work well, I was a little concerned about keeping it straight but that doesn’t seem to have been an issue. And then, after I finally got wheels built and in the car I discovered that the wheels I had chosen were now, having been spaced out, too wide for the track…so I had to find some last minute wheels that were narrower and could take the spacing and do that all over again.

Stripping the old paint (a less scary orange/citrus based stripper – worked fine despite the experience of others, just let it sit for awhile) painting, adding the waterslide decal and clear coating were easy.

Then putting it together I discovered I was a little optimistic about the amount of space in the body cavity for adding weight especially since, for various reasons I wasn’t using lead or paying for tungsten. But I did manage to get into the low 50s.

The Orange one, which I’m calling “Dirty Orange Julius” was intended to be much easier. Not stripping paint, just removing tampos, using same size wheels, and adding weight in a wagon with lots of room for it. And it was mostly easy except……

Getting all the tampos off was a real pain.  Much more work that simply stripping the paint.  Used acetone/fingernail polish remover.

It's dirty on top...not supposed to be, but wouldn't come clean.  What happened was I had come up with the orange julius theme after finding these wheels to pair with the wagon (which seemed like it would be really easy to add weight in back).  And for some reason i opted to not use a clear coat after painting...wanted the white duller than the orange...great except the paint on top(a spray for plastic) really holds on to any stray graphite.  And the harder you rub to remove that graphite...well the more secure it sticks...the paint comes off though.  Anyway, lesson, always clear coat.

Also, and this is a big uh oh.  I discovered that one of the wheels was noticeably uneven when I was polishing the axles.  Didn't notice when they were on the donor car.  I didn’t have the time or inclination to chase down some matching donor wheels so I figured, i'll just shape it.  Used a felt tip on a dremel to spin the wheel and a utility knife to try and shape the wheel.  The result is that one wheel is smaller than the others and probably more lopsided than when i started.

That was Sunday night and I just decided i was out of time (and patience) and just to live with the imperfections.  Which is alot easier when you can mail away the imperfect object and not have to look at it for a month :)

Oh, one other thing with the orange one...i forgot to clean the plastic base to remove the "mold release".  However since i couldn't remove the wheels once attached to fix that oversight, i guess it's gonna be ok?

All in all, the cars are not the fastest i've ever touched, but faster than any of the cars contributing parts i guess that's a start.  I probably would have noodled some more but I felt like i was running out of time to finish so...

Any thoughts or observations on my first builds are welcome (especially later from anyone who can touch and watch them in action).

Great start! Lessons learned, keep on truckin
good comment, lets other racers know we all run into the same hang-ups... check out the older topics.
if you're making an gotta break some eggs... dig in and see whats ... what!

Looking good, Mo! Yeah, the first thing that you have to do is get in there and start Modding...everyone has made a cool looking, SLOW car! The fast ones just kinda 'happen' never know when a combination is just going to work...that's why you have to try new things and play with combinations!

I'll keep an eye out for your cars! I hope that there are other heading to NJ as well!

what they said^^^^^^^^ my problem is, WAAAYYYYY too many ideas, too little time, and not enough patience once I get started. lol
I swear ( promise) one day.... i'll get something done, and sent out!!!i

Cars from Montana showed up today...looking good!

So only one car from me.  No custom paint job (no time) but it's packed full of lead coming in at 56 grams and has the right wheels, so I'm calling it a win. ;)

I'll get it in the mail tomorrow. Hope it's fast...the car and the shipping. 

Cool! I'll keep an eye out for it!
Good ol' Dieselboy, if he's loaded it should be a contender

My rookies are almost ready.    JB Weld the rivets tonight and they go out tomorrow!  I hope nobody minds I elected to go topless.

The red guys on the truck were supposed to be going to the Middleweight challenge but alas will not be ready in time.

I got cars from Cortez racing, the numbers are growing!

Looking good, Happy!

Hey Guys,

Here is the current role call, with a week still remaining...



CrzyTrkrDude (and TrkrWife)


Cortez Racing

 And cars are on their way from...


Happy camper

Here's a shot of the current cars...

The snow still hasn't melted off that one car from Montana! :) All the cars appear to be in fine shape.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the entrys! Get in the shop and finish up those cars, Guys! :)

Tidbit from my first modding project.

No matter what I did I just couldn't get the weight over 1.6 on either car.  Clay or lead weights, nothing helped.  I told my wife you guys were wizards.  There was no way in he'll I could even get close to 57.  Then my wife looked at the scale, rolled her eyes, and hit the button to switch it from ounces to grams.  

hang onto her !
:) the 57 grams comes from it being 2 ounces

I have 2 trucks being shipped out tomm for the Rookie Race, I cannot wait, thanks! 


I meant to post that some Orange cars showed up the other from Utah, and 2 from Florida! I'm glad to see more cars coming in!

Team pics will start later in the week...and the bracket will be up Friday night, so you will see who you are facing in the first round!

WHOOO HOOOOO!!!  I was hoping my cars had gotten there.  I just hope my two don't finish last and next to last.

Fyi, HappyCamper...those aren't actually 5-spokes on your one car (see the link in the first post). But, I don't really see those wheels as an advantage, so, your car can run...I just wanted to mention it.


I got so caught up in the rest of the process I should have looked closer.  I am a little embarrassed.  Thanks for letting it run anyway.

It's okay...not a big deal!

The day you've been waiting for is drawing near! The Rookie Race is almost here! The team pics will be coming in the next two or two...and then the bracket...and, of course, the race on Saturday!

Now, since the Middleweight race will be going on at the same time as the Rookie race, here is what is going to happen.

We are only going to have 13-14 Middleweights, so the top 2-3 Rookie cars are also going to race in the Middleweight Race! When I have all the cars, I'll let you know the final numbers...but it is probably going to be the top 3!

Good luck to all....and Welcome!

Woohoo! Can't wait til race day!!!

Trucks from Ohio are in the house! Everything looks fine. I will number everyone up tonight and I'll try to get team pics done tomorrow  morning!

Team Pics!

It was a little overcast this morning, but the cars are still looking pretty good!

MattCat #24 #25

MoHasFastCars #26 #27

CrzyTrkrDude #28

TrkrWife #29

Keef921 #30 #31

Cortez Racing #32 #33


HappyCamper #58 #59

2Seven #60 #61

2Seven's trucks are looking good.
Great looking builds guys!

I've run all the cars down the track to make sure that they are all rolling okay...and they are!

My initial impressions are that it should be a pretty good race! Without really watching the times, it looks like there are some speedy cars amongst the rookies!

I hope that everyone has fun watching their cars run for the first time! It's exciting to follow the progress of your cars. I hope that you will all continue to keep building cars and's really pretty fun!

I'll have the bracket posted tomorrow, so you'll know who you will be racing. There are 15 cars, so I will run one of my '57 Chevy, track tester cars as filler to make it a field of 16. And remember, the top 3 will progress to the Middleweight race on Sunday!

Good luck!

This is a link to the points...when there are points to post...

I also put a link in the first post

A nice variety of vehicles!  Great looking builds guys!  This will be fun to watch. 

To: 2-7,

NICE COLOR!!  please, send me a picture of the bottle, can... Whatever it came in. ME LIKEY!!! THANKS!! ( I would like to build a Nova for my wife that color)

They ALL look good!! 


I would also like to know what you used. They look great.
hey Boone, did you notice that I refer to your wife as TrkrWife, CrzyTrkrWife? :)
Its called Dupli-color from Autozone, covers great and no runs. It is more expensive $7 can
yeeeep! I'm the Crazy one. LOL. She's the patient one. LOL

The moment you've all been waiting for...the first round match-ups...

And the bracket...

Got my eye on a few of these...looking forward to the racing
Yup, I think there are a few quick ones in there!
Can't wait for Saturday, good luck guys....
It's getting close to race day...let's get ready to rumblllllllllllllle!

Hey Guys,

Race day is finally here! I've had my coffee...I'm going to give the track a wipe-down and one last check. And then, we are off to the races!

And, by the way, the track is a very standard track for me...20" drop and 160" straight. I'm using the Drag Track starting gate and the Maxx Traxxx finish line.

Stay tuned!

Okay Guys, the first round is in the books...

Impressions on the first round...

CCRider's Diesel Boy is looking turns out that Montana does in fact 'hasfastcars', with both cars coming through the first round....CrzyTrkrDude  had a tough draw in the first round, but TrkrWife cruised through...2Seven  must have been doing some testing, with both his C10 Chevy rolling on...Happy Camper lost a close race with his Mustang, but his other car is moving on....and both of our international racers had rough starts, losing in the first round.

Here are the match-ups for round 2...

3 outta 4 .... Looking forward to running these guys.... Solid effort all!  

And, here we go...the Semi Finals...

Rookie Race Semi Final:

You will notice that the Maxx Traxxx finish line is having a little trouble with the low cars...well, Diesel Boy, anyway. I put extensions on the paddles, but it still occasionally  slips under without triggering the light.

Good racing so far! The 3rd Place Race and the Finals are to come!

Donkey Butter!  Well, as a Happy Camper, I can't get mad, just better.  Congrats to those moving on.

Nothing to be ashamed of...your cars ran well! Donkey Butter...thst's funny!
Donkey Butter? LOL. That's a new one to me too!! LOL

The race to get into the Middleweight  race tomorrow  was won by....

Rookie 3rd Place Race:

The White Zombie rolls on!

And...the Finals...

Rookie Race Finals:

As earlier, The Diesel Boy slipped under the gate without triggering the light, but, it was clearly ahead at the finish. Looks like it might be time to go with a digital set-up!

Congrats to CCRIDER and MoHasFastCars! ...we'll see you in the other lane tomorrow! 

And congrats to all the Rookies in this's not easy building fast cars, and I know most of you have never tried modding before this race! Don't be afraid to ask question...and the veterans on redlinederby will have answers for you!

Good job, Guys!

Wow, great stuff. Congrats CCRider.

Woohoo! And more racing to come...we're pretty excited around our house!

Congratulations CCRider, looking forward to seeing how you do against the middleweights tomorrow.

Will the top 4 transfer into the Middle weight main event to help set the brackets, or top 4 race off for each class?  

Great tight racing rookies!  Congrats to the top 4 and CCRider for taking the top step of the podium!!!

Also great hosting Chris...vids, race report..the whole she-bang!

Hey TE, the top 3 are getting thrown into the mix with the Middleweights...doing that soon

Wow both my cars out in the first round, must have been suffering from jet lag.

Well done everyone, from the vids looks like there was some close races.

Thanks for hosting Chris.

One question - were all the cars a similar weight or were some left a bit lighter?

I think the lightest cars were a little over 50 grams

If you look at the video for the 3rd place race...TrkrWife GTO vs MHFC White Zombie, you can see the difference that wheel diameter makes. The GTO, with the smaller wheels, was down the hill fast and up to speed quickly. But, the larger wheels on  the White Zombie, though they took longer to get up to speed, we're able to get going faster.

So, as a lesson from that, if you are running on a very short track, go with a smaller wheel...a long track, go with a bigger diameter wheel.

I did notice his car started really fast and was curious about that.

A 20" drop seems kinda short, is that common with other members tracks?  How long is the track for that drop?  I might need to train for your races.  I don't have an established set up, but usually have about a 36" drop.

There's no set sizes for the tracks we run on...that's what makes it interesting. Several guys have Drag Tracks, and the lower drop makes for a little better racing. It have a 14" drop and a 25 " drop as well.

I don't know if you have to practice too much...your cars ran pretty good today! Racing 5-spokes against fte's is tough.

i use 6", 10" and 20" Drag Tracks angled sections, IMO. slower races are better watching.
Agreed, some track are better for heavy car, some better for lighter...test, test, test

This is why i was wondering about the weights. Whether the heavier cars were quicker on the down hill section but slower on the straights?

I don't think weight is as important as a good set of wheels and axles. Your weight should be in the don't want to race a 35 gram car against 57 gram cars, whatever the track.

That being said, it seems like the fastest car is usually a little a 57 gram class, the fast ones seem to be in the 53-55 gram range. I guess, what I'm saying is that it is not critical to have your car right on the max weight...concentrate on the wheels and making your car run perfectly straight

if your car is as fast as it can be, squeeze that extra gram in there... it's like cubic inches, 429 v 502 .

The cars are boxed up and will be headed to the Northwest for a couple races!

I'm very happy with the turnout for this race...I hope you all have fun with it and keep building!

And on that I was boxing up the cars, I had an idea! I will be putting up award for the highest placing Rookie in the Beater Trucks and Fat Fendered Race...and will be open to all that are competing in this race...and any other new racers!

I'm not sure what it will be...probably a one-off car...or truck! I'll have to see what I can come up with (maybe with some help from Smitty!)

Thanks again, Guys...and good luck out West!

got a couple KITS handy

Thank you for hosting! As a rookie I'd love to see dbl Elim to watch our 1st entries run a few times, or I need to make a faster car? 

Your trucks ran pretty darned good...I'll send a PM with a couple hints :)

I'm excited to run the cars!!! I will be throwing in a few prizes for the series winner that I will send along with the cars to their next destination. 

2seven, I always get super confused by double elimination brackets, and now would be a bad time for me to expiriment; I'd hate to screw up this race. 

i have pooched a double elimination before, dropped the wrong car in the losers / winners box.
the "printmybrackets" brackets have numbers to follow and place the cars...race by number...
not the #s... it's me !

The cars are on there ways...track #:

9114 9011 8986 6963 0491 25

The points are up...1 point per win...1 point for winning the event...1 point for winning the 3rd place race

Add that link to the top post, easier for folks to find


I see you are hosting the last race also.  Will the track be altered at all for the last race or will it be the same layout as the first?  And I would like to send you some $ to ship my cars back to me after the last race.  I would have sent this as a private message but I assume some other rooks may be wondering the same thing:  what is the appropriate amount?

Hi Happy,

The track will be a different layout for the final. I'll probably have a longer drop and a shorter track. But, there is something that I want to play around with over the next few weeks...I'll keep you posted.

My Paypal (and email, for that matter, if you have questions) is

I'll return your cars either way...if you want to send me $5 to cover it, consider it a donation! :)

OK, everyone's cars arrived safe & sound! I checked them all over and none seem to be damaged. All roll well without issues.

go kno go !
IN the words of the immortal Rodney Dangerfield "Keep it fair. Keep it fair" (while handing out hundred dollar bills)
ahhhhh yes... Mr Dangerfield... May He Rest I Peace!!

Hey mates! I'm back! I'm so sorry for leaving guys! I had to go on a week long buisness trip to our other office in Singapore and then I applied for a promotion so I got it, and worked in Edinburgh and Omsk (some place in Russia) for the rest of the time. Sorry for the time I couldn't be on, I hope you guys haven't forgotten the mighty aussie racer! (Lol). Halfway through my first mod though! 

our own globe trotter !
I lernt sumtin today. and it is only 8:41 AM ! Looks like a nice place!
Congrats! and welcome back!
Thanks guys! Omsk and Edinburgh are much colder than sunny Aussie! Glad to be back in the warm!

1st round pairings!

2nd round coming up!

Semi-Final coming up!

some new names in the semis...
Tough draw for me this week.
Unfortunately your cars got paired up against the other fastest in the series. But, yours tied them for fastest ET of the day!
beatn by the truckr family....Mr. & Mrs. ????, good luck!

.....Final round, coming up shortly!! 

A major highlight of the semi finals was the race between husband and wife.... CrzyTrkrDude vs. CrzyTrkrWife, the match-up was so close all the way down the track, they could have held hands out the windows of their cars all the way to the finish line!

Boy, it's a good thing I'm in KY and my wife is home in TN!! LOL

Congratulations to CCRider on winning a 2nd time in a row! 

It was tied with both of MoHasAFastCar's entries for quickest ET of the day, running a couple of 2.29s!

Congrats CCRider....and CrzyTrkrDude! Did you race off 3rd spot, Keith?
I actually determined 3rd by comparing ETs.
and 3rd goes to?
If only those 2.29s came on different races :). Congrats again cc...maybe next week.
I went by the 3 fastest of the final 4. You were actually 3rd fastest ET of them, but runnered up
Well done CCRider. Looks like I'll have to wait another week to see if I can win a race.

My representative lost in the finals...

I would go home and lick my wounds...

But CrzyTrkrDudes WIFE is waiting at the door with the rolling pin!!!!



good show ccr... nice hosting k n o !
A fresh face for the middleweights.
Take pictures of the head injuries for us!! LOL!!

The updated points are up...the link is in the first post.

Great job hosting K&O! 

Congrats CCRider, MoHasFastCars,  and CrzyTrkrDude...see you in the race tomorrow! 

Thanks KandO for racing the cars.  Good job everybody.  Hope my luck holds out.  Sounds like there were some pretty tight races!

I'm looking forward to seeing how the Rookie cars are going to do this weekend! CCRider's DieselBoy is proving to be tough...will anybody get past him this weekend on Delta's track?

I hope that you are all enjoying the race...and that you'll be build cars for the upcoming races!

Hey Delta...Any word on this weekend's Rookie/Middleweight race? Are the cars at your place? Brackets? Etc?


Sorry, this is the first time I've even checked this thread in a loooong time.

I want Diesel Boy in the first round, need to knock him out early to catch up on points ;)

You came very close when you were against him here!

I'm really sorry guys. I never posted a reply anywhere in the thread, never built anything for this race, but somehow got put in as a host. 

I know I volunteered for the Rookie Race, which happens to be running the same time, but I never checked back in to confirm anything. I'm a little surprised that no one PM'd me because I only have 1 response on one thread that I posted quite a while ago. My apologies for not catching it sooner.

Anyways, the cars just arrived at my place this evening and I have zero time to run them this weekend. Can anyone PM me with the address they need to get to and I'll get them their in time?

Disappointing news, Im on vacation or you could send them to me. Anyone able set an hour aside to run these cars?
Well, this is a turd in my weekend punchbowl.
Bummer. Looks like Rusty is next stop. I'll have him PM you his address.
check that punchbowl again HAP, it might be a baby ruth !
Unlike my favorite assistant groundskeeper I won't taste it to make sure.

I'm so sorry about the mix-up on this, Guys! It's my bad for not being on top of this! Think of it a 'rain-out'...and it's off to Tennessee next weekend...and a first time host! I'm excited to see the cars on a new track!

Maybe I'll run a double-header to make up for the missed race on the Final weekend!

Double header..."Let's play two!"
you never did set up that "jump the pool" track you
OH MAN, like Smokey and the Bandit

Tracking: 9505500024095110000017

States Wed delivery.

thanks danno !
Thanks Dan!

Hey Guys,got the cars today and hope to get the race in this weekend..I'll post pictures and times when we do..Now we have no timing so I guess one would start out with two cars and go from there??Is this all one race or are there two different ones here?

Looks like fun!!


Check this thread, Rusty. The Rookie cars will have a 16-car field (there are sheets in the folder), and the top three cars will go into the Middleweight race to complete their 16-car field.

Set the brackets via random draw.

Thanks Rusty!

Well went back and did some reading on this tread and think we know what we should be  doing.Sorry we have been remodeling a building out back and I've kinda been out of touch..

Hope to get the races done this weekend and cars shipped out Monday to the next track.Just need an address.


The cars are going to Smitty next, you need his address?

Got ya Chris,will do.Yea I need his addy as I've lost it..

Thanks  Buddy


Just sent a message with Smitty's address

Hi Guys,

I'm hoping that Rusty will be running the races this weekend...I haven't heard from him yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Good luck to all!

Yep,we will run Sunday.I'll keep Ya'll updated once we have something to show.The plan is to get the cars shipped out Monday..


Cool, I look forward to the results. Let me know if you have any questions

Well guys with the Wife's help we got the race run!!

Needless to say I'm a lucky guy..

First off I want to say all are some very fast cars,with cool paint jobs to match.

No 2nd rate cars here.They are all winners in my book..

Now here we go.

The track is 22 feet with about 3 foot drop.Yes we did straighten out the track after the picture was taken.Started the rookie race with random draw.

Some of these rides were very close..If they were that close we would race them best 2 out of 3.

I've got the brackets in the pictures.Hopefully you can read them.If not let me know and we will try to do something else.We also wrote the numbers on each bag so that the next guy can find the cars easier.

The three that went on to the Middleweight challenge were CC Rider #75,Happy Camper #59, and Cortez #33 ..

Ok enough delay in posting the winner...


Fast car,congrats my friend!!

We then ran the Middleweight Challenge.

As you can see the rookies did bow out early,but with some close races.

Some very close races.I did run a few of these best 2 out of 3,all the way to the end.They were that close..

The race came down to Dadvall # 96 and TE #90..

Closest race yet .Ran again,best out 2 out of 3..They looked even all the way down the track..

But there is always a winner and this time it was DadVBall that pulled out the win!!


We are boxing up the cars in a new priority box,each wrapped well with an addition prize for the winner.A Smitty built end of track..

had fun,hope you guys did too.


Thanks for hosting, Rusty (and Mrs Rusty)...Good Job! Congrats to the winners, CCRIDER and DadVBall! Those cars are proving to be pretty tough!

I should also say Congrats to HappyCamper for making it to the finals!! I know that he is a...well...Happy Camper! 

I'll get the points updated in a bit! Thanks again, Rusty!  It's off to Maine next weekend! 

Yay me! I'm a Happier Camper now!

Congratulations to CCRider and Dadvball on their wins again!!! Great cars!

Points are up...there will be a battle to get on the podium with this one!

Good one guys, especially CCRider, Happy Camper and Cortez  for valiantly carrying the flag for us Rookies into the major league.

Lets hope Matt Catt and myself get to race against each other next time out, then at least one of us will score a point.

you two blokes can bank on that... the ME. heet will pair off all 4 racers. go British Empire go ! !

here they is !  ... fresh from warm weather Tennessee... didn't open the zippies, but both name and  # ?... very organized... almost hate to open them !....

 staging pix later today... if I can still move after lawn raking ?

  thanks Humbolt !

Cool! I'm looking forward to the pics! Don't go too crazy raking, Smitty!

property is 1/2 an acre, won't work too hard !

the Rookie Race pairings...

#24 mc v #31 k 921.

#25 mc v #30 k921.

#28 ctd v #60 27-.

#58 hc v #29 ctw.

x     x     x     x

#59 hc v #33 ctz.

#61 27- v #26 mfc

#32 ctz v #57 ccr.

#27 mfc v # b+y - 57Chev

i rename #26 mfc as snow job !
Looking good! There are some good match-ups in there!

Battle for the British Empire...

  The Australian Matt Catt's 2 winless cars vs. the Englishman Keef 921's 2 winless cars  ...  they are facing off in the first two pairings, the winners will pair off in round 2... somebody is going to Sussex with 2 wins,,,


Whew!! I'm not up against my wife this time... Lol GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!!

model40fan Friday, 5/1/15 model40fan

thanks c10, that's not too hard...

rookie racing rocks....

the "Attic Track" specs = 6" incline, drag tracks transfer, [4] 20" runout sections with a micro wizard timer...

the times ran from 1.571 sec,. keefer blew out his clutch first round, to a 1.374... ccr spanking cortez for the heet's fastest pass...

the attic track heet results ;

#24 mc over #31 k921... 1.396 to 1.500

#25 mc over #30 k921... 1.460 to 1.571

#28 ctd over #60 -27... 1.453 to 1.470

#29 over #58 hc.... 1.428 to 1.435

x        x          x

#33 ctz over #59 hc.... 1.413 to 1.427

#26 mfc over #61 -27... 1.394 to 1.410

#57 ccr over #32 ctz... 1.374 to 1.460

#27 mfc over #'57 chevy... 1.391 to 1.450

round two...

#24 over #25...1.398 to 1.446

#28 over #29... 1.440 over 1.453

#26 over #33....1.380 over 1.407

#57 over #27... 1.382 over 1.384..... wicked good racing... like they were glued side by side...

semi finals...

#24 over #28... 1.398 to 1.446

#57 over #26... 1.386 to 1. 387.... this guy ccr knows how to make it hurt !


#24 over #57.... 1.389 to 1.390.... maybe one of the best finals I have hosted...

congrats Matt Catt,  that split personality beast liked the home cooking...

3rd place #26 over #28.... 398 to 452................

I just copied this over here from the Middleweight thread. Congrats MattCat!
Oh Man! CrazyTruckerDude took out TruckerWife again....yikes!
opps, i just noticed that SHE is in the battle to make the allstar race, how big is the doghouse ?
it's pretty big. sleeps 2. does 65 pulling 80,000 gross. lol

Attic Track specs... sloppy starter, 6" drag tracks incline, drag tracks transfer, [4] 20" drag tracks section as runout and a Mircro-Wizzard timer ... note the black rubber shims, all the cars rolled back to the transfer.... cool ! ;

Sloppy Starter ;

A little plug for Brian ;

Rookie Winner #24 Matt Catt ;

The Rookie Bracket ;

Points are up...

Things are getting pretty crowed, going for the podium!

cars went out to Sussex this AM...

thanks Smitty!

I will be setting up the brackets for this race after lunch...the Rookies will run this afternoon and the Middleweights, tonight!

Okay, here we go!

The track today is 7 20" drag track sections, with a 24" section of orange track into the finish. The finish line is the 3DBot Maker line and the start gate is a Sloppy Starter.

Here is the bracket...

And the match-ups...

Let's go racin'!

The first round is in the books...

The closest racing was between MattCat's Bone Shaker and CrzyTrkrDude 's Charger...with the big Charger finally pulling out the win.

I will do match-up shots and video from the Semi Finals comes Round 2!

And here are the Semi Finals...

And the Winner is...

Congrats to another 'first time' winner! 

Congrats! a well deserved win!
Great job everyone. Congrats Mo!
go mo go !

I was thinking of running a double header with these cars this weekend, but I've got three more races to run already. So, the Final Points are up...

and CCRIDER is your Rookie Champion! 

These cars will be running in the Spring Nationals, tomorrow, so keep an eye out! It is a random draw, 64 car field, so ANYTHING can happen!


Added a pic to the first post. Congrats CCRider....Congrats ALL! I hope that everyone had fun with this series!

fun just watching...

I was at the flee market, when there it was, for $1.50... the sloppy's prize for the rookie race...

 The winner...  C C Rider gets ;

note the little blue handles...  

awesome! thanks Smitty!
Woohoo! Thank Smitty!!!!
Great donation, thanks!

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