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Rookie Race - Official Thread

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I know this may sound odd, but why not build a dozen cars, or ½ dozen and ship them over at one time. I’m sure shipping is still expensive…  Before Weber Cabin left on his overseas trip. He built up some cars, and Clifford Shaw enters them in the events they qualify for.

  • good idea te, some 45, 50,and 57 grams... love to see 'em roll ! — model40fan
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2seven 2/11/15

For my clarification we can submit two mod'd cars per the rules set and an unopened "work series" car as well? What does "dry lube mean? Thank you in advance!


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72_Chevy_C10 2/11/15
Event coordinator

Hey 2Seven,

Yes on the two modded cars for the Rookie Race! I'm probably going to hold off on the Workshop series race...the Middleweight race seems to have a little interest, so I think I'll run that race. That way, everyone, rookie and veteran, has something to watch for that weekend!

I'm looking forward to seeing the Rookie cars and having some new racers on here!


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Keef921 2/11/15

As you already know Chris has entered a few cars for me in the past but as this is a rookie race I thought that I'd build a few cars to send over. It will be a good chance to test postage rates and times from the UK to the US as well as improve my modding skills.

Hopefully the entry spec is pretty much sorted as I have two cars already stripped and waiting to be painted this weekend. I will try and post some pics of my progress later today.

One question -  before I add some weight, is it OK to add it wherever you can get it or should it be concealed. On the 13 Copo Camaro I have had to cut a lot of the interior out to fit enough lead to bring the weight up to 57 gs.

Regards Keith

  • i live 30 miles from the atlantic, in maine, 04210, if i'm cheapest send here i'll ship them with mine... — model40fan
  • You can put the weight wherever, Keith...glad you are joining this race! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Thanks for that Smitty. I want to to get them done and sent over soon as it seems cheaper to go for a 28 days postage option. — Keef921
  • Cheers Chris, just thought I'd check about weight as we have rules about it's visibility in slot cars. — Keef921
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Keef921 2/11/15

My two entries for the Rookie race, ready for painting and assembly. What could go wrong?

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72_Chevy_C10 2/11/15
Event coordinator

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to say that I'm excited about this race! I am very happy to see new racers stepping up and racing! I can't wait to see your builds and run your cars!

I put my name down as the host of the finals race, just to make things easier.  I'll run different track layouts gor my two races!

Thanks for competing, Guys! 


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72_Chevy_C10 2/12/15
Event coordinator

I was looking through this thread...and some other stuff...and there are quite a few guys that might be racing in this race. Here's a roll call...





Happy Camper








And, some guys that can race in this race, that haven't raced much with RLD


Cortez Racing

B&G Racing


There's still almost two months before this race, so we might have some more! Did I miss anyone?

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask...or just post your questions here.

Thanks Guys!


  • I'll see if maybe I can get something ready for this race. Life has been crazy lately...good...but busy. — Diecast64
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KandORacing 2/13/15

I've been wondering what ever happened to H&H Racing from Tennessee. He hasn't posted on anything here for awhile now.

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model40fan 2/14/15

Workin' on an Aussie Rookie ... matt can name it when done ...

 '58 T bird nose and grill, '55 gasser body, glass, interior and base... body so far ;

Bent axle replaced with later redlines, windshield drooped after glueing ;


Bone Shaker body, the hoodtop removed, with a Racing Champions grill and hood on a '34 Coupe base ... Mock-up ;

Pulling away !

Matt will be rockin' the outback !

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2seven 2/14/15

hey 72_Chevy_C10,

     you can add hambonewc to that rookie list too thanks!

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CrzyTrkrDude 2/15/15

CrzyTrkrDude and CrzyTrkrWife should be good for 1 maybe 2 each. My Freightliner just got dropped off for repairs. 

Might be down long enough to throw enough cars ( and trucks) together for a couple races! 

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yetidaddy 2/16/15

This sounds awesome. I'm looking forward to making some cars to send up.

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