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Rookie Rally 2021

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Lubert_Das 12/12/20

Hell yeah. Just shipped mine off the other day. Excited! This is my first race entry.

  • Welcome to the racing world! The Rookie Rally will be my first modified car, but I have one in this weekend for the Redline December challenge. — SpyDude
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Mayfield41 12/23/20

She is getting her weight put in today and be ready to ship.... After Christmas.  

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PinnacleRacing 12/23/20

This will be my first race, first mod. Im very excited! I will be posting pics!

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WallyChamp73 12/24/20

Hopefully this qualifies...I am real NEWBIE to all of this buti want to be a major player (racer) ! LOL    Thanks!  

  • What casting is that? — Uncle_Elvis
  • Hmmm... the external weights might not be allowed if they don't look like part of the vehicle, like an engine weight or something ..... not sure on that, though. — SpyDude
  • Luggage! Dogbox? — Uncle_Elvis
  • Drill it open and all that weight will hide with ease — Mattman213
  • Johnny Lightning 32 Pick up, if I;m not mistaken. It is weighted on the inside as well. Maybe itcan qualify for a future race. I sued graphite on the wheels. I think it slowed it down some. lol Still learning. — WallyChamp73
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pupulesurfer 12/24/20

Some real good looking cars here! I'll be sending my Fiero after the holidays :)

It is the first car I've modded and has been sitting there waiting to be tweaked further but don't know that it needs any lol! 

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PinnacleRacing 12/25/20

Well here it is. Ready to send out this weekend 

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GoldenOwl 12/25/20

Ready to Rock & Roll!

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RLoRacing 1/2/21

Just a little more touching up and fine tuning and Depth Charge should be ready to go out this week

  • Nice! We’ll have dueling Caddies! — GoldenOwl
  • Looks like we are also battling it out in the next round of the Plethora of Party Wagons — RLoRacing
  • Right on man! Looking forward to — GoldenOwl


i just hope mine makes it in time from bonnie scotland, Hopeful to get it out by week's end


  • I'll let you know when it gets here, should have plenty of time — redlinederby
  • i've just to graphite it and it's ready to ship (though it's coming air express), will email confirmation when sent. — CapperDeluxe
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GhostDriver 1/6/21

Here's "GoTron". Should be out by week's end. Messed up on the alignment somewhat, and would risk bending the axle removing it because it's so well set in the chassis (rookie mistake...smh). Hopefully it'll be competitive enough to win a couple races.

  • Nice looking build...sleek... — redlinederby
  • Thank you sir! — GhostDriver
  • Covelight. Nice car. I have a couple of those in the Halloween series for 2019. — SpyDude
  • Yeah, one of my favorite castings. I have a couple of the Halloween versions myself. — GhostDriver
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SpyDude 1/7/21

My little '55 Chevy.  Most of that patina is original.  The wheels are from the Chevrolator.  Weight 49.6g.

Coming to a race near you!

  • I like the little dude in there, ha! — redlinederby
  • Liking the look of this one. The guy inside is a nice — GhostDriver
  • Thanks! As it was my first build, I figured I needed a driver in there. The orginal wheels were absolutely trashed when I got it, so I swapped them out for the Chevrolator's. — SpyDude

Well that's the governator's Courier arranged and he should be there in time for the race :)

  • Courier has now collected the car it should be there soon — CapperDeluxe

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