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Rookie Rally 2021

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redlinederby 1/12/21
Site manager

I haven't made any post office pick-ups lately, so I'll be doing that this week to see how many are in waiting...but here's the list of cars on-site and ready to roll.

  • Griffin Cross
  • Lubert Das
  • Willy Makit
  • G4 Diecast Racing
  • RLo Racing
  • Capper Deluxe
  • Spy Dude

And to help sweeten the pot a little bit, the winner of the tournament will be crowned the 2021 Rated Rookie, and will have that title added to their profile. I might also have another prize idea but can't say much because I don't know it'll come to be...more soon...

  • Woah, cool!!! Mine should be there Thursday according to tracking! — pupulesurfer
  • Aw man! If I would have known that, I would have sent my fastest car! Ha! That's cool that you are adding that to a profile Brian. I'm just hoping I do better than my first modded drag race, which was the RLDRL December race. I got smoked! — G4DiecastRacing
  • Right on! Mine will be headed your way this week. — GoldenOwl
  • That's bangin'! This adds some good suspense, and takes the competitveness up a notch. Can't wait to see who grabs the Rookie title. — GhostDriver

Sounds dope I'm in 

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Big_Mac 1/13/21

I should have my entry in the mail Thursday. 

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CapperDeluxe 1/13/21

I'm Pleased to say my courier reports the worst car in this years Rookie Rally has successfully arrived , the Governator

  • It has, got it today with all the extra forms :) So you're locked in and ready to roll. — redlinederby
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Ddozzer 1/14/21

I gonna try and get mine finished by the end of this weekend, so I can get it to yall. Do I send five dollars cash with the car for returning?

Ca$h Money Himself would like to enter this mosh pit

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Mayfield41 1/14/21

Mine is shipping in the morning, should be there next week..

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Ddozzer 1/15/21

Right out of the packaging 57g to bad I'm not sending this on in.

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Big_Al 1/16/21

Luxury Elite is ready to ship out!  This is my first modified drag race ever.  I've done several different open track races over the past year but I'm still very much a rookie.  Can't wait to see how she stacks up against the rest of the Class of 2021!

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Uncle_Elvis 1/16/21

Even though I may (or may not) meet the criteria for the event, the role of Uncle Elvis will be played by my 5 year old this month.

If you get beat by his garbage truck with hot glued fishing weights in it (stock otherwise), you deserve to get beat.

  • Running the trash truck? I'll go up against him and be proud to have been beat. — SpyDude
  • I know who I got my money on!!!! — Mattman213
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CaShMoneyBoyS Yesterday

Cas$h Money Him$elf ready to roll; Ride or Diecast!!!

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Ddozzer Today

Boxed up really to go, should be there sometime Friday! That's not the car I'm sending in.

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