Sad News in the land of the Legion of Speed.

LeagueofSpeed Saturday, 12/8/2018
Event coordinator

Papa and Mama Speed lost their house yesterday starting a 3:15 pm...heat pump in the crawl space malfuntioned and started the fire under the house. This was their million dollar plus home in Landfall subdivision in Wilmington 6:15 am this morning there was still fire in the bulldozers are being called in to push the house over and inward where it will be doused with more water...they were not able to get anything they lost all their etc., I feel for my Dad...battling cancer and having just turned 79 two weeks ago...he's a fighter and we'll rally to whatever he want's to do moving forward. Please appreciate the things you have in life and the people in it...put away petty differences and kiss and hug your loved ones.

Peace and Speed - League of Speed 


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Jav74 12/8/18

So sorry. I am seriously tearing up. The ways of the world have not been kind to my people this year either. I couldn’t imagine loosing everything on top of it. 

If you need to postpone any races I’m sure we all get it. Live solid, brother. And keep on striving and thriving. Keep us in the loop. 

  • Will do...still planning on racing as of now...Thanks my Brother — LeagueofSpeed
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NDeavers80 12/8/18

Wow. I'm sorry. 

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redlinederby 12/8/18
Site manager

Shit. So sorry. Ive watched too many friends and family go through rough stuff this year. Really getting tired of it. Sounds like people made it out safe thankfully.

Let us know if we can help in anyway. We’ll all do what we can but otherwise sending good vibes

  • Thanks Brother...they pretty much are starting over in their late 70''s tragic...but they are physically okay — LeagueofSpeed

I've asked my church to pray for your family and the whole situation. Keep us posted how things go.

Our family will be praying for yours. Hopefully at some point your family can count their blessings that no one was caught in the fire and able to rebuild the house minus the heat pump. 

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