Tournaments and RacingScheduling for July and August, into autumn

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I want to start getting things on the race calendar for late July, August and beyond as much as possible. November/December tend to be more problematic with holidays so the more we get on the schedule around that time the better.

If you have a track and are available to host a mail-in tournament, please post a reply and I'll get in touch with you to discuss possible timeframes.

Doesn't matter if you've hosted before or not. If you have a track, you qualify :)

Specific dates will be up to you...I want to shoot for one tournament per month as much as possible. Not every tournament needs to have 64 fact, lower entry tournaments are good for first-timer hosts too. And if we double up in months, that's fine too, we just need to find a balance between themes and such.

I have a good list of themes and ideas for tournaments too, which I will share with interested hosts. But if you have something on your shortlist to do, I'm sure that'll be fine too...whatever interests you.

Bootleg Run will be ready sometime late summer....I was planning a September race, but C10 has a big race planned then as well...or he did.

Tobacco Road will be back in November 

Legends of Tobacco Road - American Muscle.


Legends of Tobacco Road - Battle for the Pacific Rim

Legends of Tobacco Road - HW Originals 

I will work around any scheduling of future races.

Cool. Let me know what months you were thinking and I'll pencil them in at least
Will do

I've been quiet, but I'll be back racing soon.  Would like to call dibs on October 31st, Halloween date for a race.  Will be another monster multi part car race.

Penciled in, thanks.

So the Brickyard is close to completion and I plan on running inaugural race mid to late July, just have to get input from the wifey for the date.  Going to do an import mixer, identical rules as the upcoming porsche race but with imports.  Having stocks and customs should gain more interest, i'll post race as soon as I know the date.

If C10 still wants to hold that big race in September, and if I'm done and satisfied with the design, I may move Bootleg Run up to mid to late August...we will see how things pan out the next 8 weeks.

Legends of Tobacco Road-American Muscle

Saturday November 11th-Veterans Day

I have a track, and can host...

I want to do a race soon with the special car sets, will post soon

If C10 does not chime in with his race plans for September....or if it's late September, I'm planning  on Labor Day weekend for the inaugural Bootleg Run race.....Bootleg Run-The Hot Rods... September 2nd-4th.

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