Season 12 championship; McJiggles, Ramblers win

redlinederby Sunday, 6/2/2013
Site manager

The Season 12 championship was filled with the winners from this season and it was quite a mix of cars but nothing could have prepared you for the outcome...and the scores show it. The Chrysler Thunderbolt came out on top as the Season 12 champion car while GSR Microracing by only 50 points.

Complete tournament results and highlights

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Big congrats to McJiggles9 for his performance all season but in a somewhat awkward moment, since McJiggles won the Season 11 championship and thus already won the Diecast X Magazine grand prize, he can't win the subscription again. Therefore, GSR Microracing wins the Diecast X subscription as he came in second place. But even though McJiggles can't get the subscription, he will receive a nice collection of diecast prize from the Redline Derby we really have two winners this season!

On the Redline Derby teams front, the Nash Ramblers took home the GreyyCup after downing the Larks 26-19. This was the first season for having automated team scoring and I think it worked out pretty well. There are a few things I want to tweak before next season but overall it went smoothly. For their efforts, all members of the Ramblers receive achievement trophies along with bonus points that they can use to unlock cars next season.

I did take some video of the championship races so I'll post the highlights as soon as I can edit them together, might be a couple days or next weekend before I find the time.

What happens next? For all the new players that came in this season...I hope your first season was fun and exciting! Since the Chrysler Thunderbolt won it will be retired to the Hall of Fame, making it ineligible for regular racing. All the other cars that raced will be available in future seasons but they must be unlocked using your in-game credits. Other than that, players just need to wait until Season 13 starts up and then we'll all race for more prizes.

I don't have a start date for Season 13 just yet. I'm finishing up some site updates and June is a busy month for me just about every weekend so things might not kick off until later in the month. Stay tuned here and on Facebook for updates.

Thanks to everyone that joined and played this season, and thanks to all our sponsors including Diecast X Magazine, Tom's Diecast Cars, Diecast Video and TMA Toys. Please share feedback here in the forum, by PM or by email.


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Mcjiggles9 6/2/13

Great season Brian, thanks for all the hard work you have been putting into this! Ramblers got us, really disappointing, but nice job guys. We may have found our rivals

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shadowracer 6/2/13

Heh...thanks for the giggles. I only came on board for the last 2 races, but it was entertaining nonetheless...although I had put my money on the Maverick in the last round.

Anyway, its been fun. How long a break is there before the next go around?

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SSLS6 6/2/13

The Stutz Bearcats lost, but finished in first place. Good job team.
I'm guessing you had to be in the final to win, even if points-wise, we still won? Whatever.
Congratulations to the winners. See you next season

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GspeedR 6/3/13

Congrats to McJiggles9!!

So close, but yet so far away.

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redlinederby 6/3/13
Site manager

How long a break is there before the next go around?

Usually it's only a week or two between seasons, however I have some packed weekends this month so it might be late June before we kick off again. Glad you had fun and hope you come back for more!

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FOTF 6/3/13

Great job, Jiggles and GSpeed! Congratulations! I still can't believe I messed up submitting my picks Memorial Day Weekend.
And AWESOME NASH RAMBLERS!!! did we do it? I don't quite get it.
Not that I'm complaining!

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Dadvball 6/5/13

Congrats to Mcgiggles and GSR!

This being my first time involved I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about many of the castings. Wish I hadn't forgotten one week as that hurt me in points. Looking forward to the next season getting started.

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