Season 12 playoffs

redlinederby Sunday, 5/12/2013
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The Fantasy League team playoffs officially open with next weekends opening round. The first round will see a division mini-bracket to see who will face each other in the final playoff round. That will leave us with the best team in the La Salle and Tucker division as we head into the final week.

- Opening round -

#4 Cougars vs #1 Firebirds
#3 Hornets vs #2 Ramblers

#4 Valiants vs #1 Bearcats
#3 Larks vs #2 Javelins

The Tucker division has been cleaning up this season, own three of the top four spots overall. Their playoff should be pretty cut-throat. And while the La Salle might be on the losing end, they are all pretty well matched shy of the Firebirds, the only team with a winning record from that division.

And special note to captains, NO TRADES ALLOWED from this point on. Any trades submitted will be rejected. The team you have now is the team you'll have for the rest of the season.

You can get all the team stats and history on the Teams page:


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redlinederby 5/19/13
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Time for the playoff finals! The opening round of team playoffs wasn't all that close. Several no-shows (including myself) took its toll on all the teams, while some really high scores in the Division Shootout tournament pushed everyone else on to the final.

As it looks right now, the Memorial Day weekend will see the best of each division fight it out. Good luck!

Firebirds vs Ramblers

Valiants vs Larks

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redlinederby 5/27/13
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Well, I'd like to say that the division finals were some close matches but that'd be a lie.

The Ramblers doubled up on the Firebirds and then some take the La Salle division championship, while in Tucker it was a little closer as the Larks out-paced the Valiants by a cool 10 points. So the championship is all set...

Redline Derby Fantasy League Team Championship

Nash Rambers vs. Studebaker Larks

If all team members show up for the final race of the season we could be looking at a very close race. We'll crown the winners of the GreyyCup VII next weekend. Good luck!

For all the results and stats, stop by the team page:

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FOTF 6/7/13

Ohhhh, now I see how the teams were scored! Neat way to go about it. What seperates the La Salles and Tuckers?

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