Season 12 Rookie of the Season, Hotrainiac (correction)

redlinederby Sunday, 6/16/2013
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In all the commotion I totally forgot to announce the Rookie of the Season for Season 12!

Rookies are those players that joined on or after the first race of the season. The top rookie is the one of that bunch that has the most points at the end of the season. There will be a Rookie achievement awarded at the end of every season.

I'm happy to award with the first Rookie of the Season achievement for ending the season with 1950 points. Congrats!


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Stroller 6/16/13

Congrats NCHotWheelsDRC good job.! Oh I meant Hotrainiac....

Thanks for the congrats guys! I really enjoyed my rookie season here. I look forward to season 13 starting up in a few weeks. I guess that I should creat my profile at some point, to idenify who I am. Until then,. here is a little insight to myself. I am Ken Sharpe, from High Point, NC. I am an avid collector and old enough to have played in the dirt with the original 16 back in 1968, at 6 years old then.
I started the North Carolina Hot Wheels Diecast Racing Circuit last year in April of 2012. We have right now quarterly drag races. elimination rounds. We run stock and modified classes. I currently mainly use my modified "Dragtracks" track, to which I have lengthened out to 20.665 ft (1/4 mile, in 1/64th scale). We run a 5 1/2 foot drop at around 50 degree drop, to level out at the end of the run. We are currently setting on 1.49 second run as our current record.
I also have a 20 ft orange 2 lane Hot Wheels setup that I call "High Point Dragstrip". I am also building a "mountain ridge" curved run in my man cave to race on as well. As you can see, i am serious about this hobby, and love it, and would love to meet other folks who share this hobby as well.

Til next time;
God Bless you,

Ken Sharpe

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SummerSpeed 6/19/13


Welcome. I also started in Season 12, although I only had a chance to enter 3 races.

I just wanted to check your math. 1/4 mile = 1,320 feet. 1,320 / 64 = 20.625 feet.

By my calculations, your 20.665-foot track is about half an inch (a little more than 10 feet equivalent) too long.

See you at the finish line!


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GspeedR 6/19/13

A !!

GspeedR (aka: Bill)

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redlinederby 6/19/13
Site manager

CORRECTION: Well this is embarrassing...turns out that NC was *not* the top rookie for season 12. Hotrainiac mailed me to point out that I miscalculated the points for new players. Hotrainiac had 1950 points for the season compared to NC's 1920.

As this was my screw-up, I don't feel anyone should get punished so NC will keep his trophy and Hotrainiac will also receive the bonuses.

My apologies for the mess-up and the confusion. When you try new things, sometimes stuff happens. So congrats to Hotrainiac for the big score --- but 1920 ain't shabby either, so both NCHotWheels and Hotrainiac deserves some kudos.

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SummerSpeed 6/20/13


Congrats to you for being a stand-up guy. No cover-ups. No subterfuge. Just honesty.

That's refreshing... I live in California. We don't get a lot of that around here.



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redlinederby 6/20/13
Site manager

No cover-ups. No subterfuge. Just honesty.

Thanks. That's the only way to do it, if you ask me. Most of the things around here I just throw up to see if they work, you guys are the real testers. I debug things best I can but there will always be something. I'm just happy when people report those bugs rather than just sitting on them and getting pissed. I appreciate everyone that calls me out on errors like this one. I can't fix things if I don't know about them. Of course, in this case, it was just straight up human error.

You're correct on the distance I did 1320 feet I just fat fingered the number putting it in the computer

Congrats HOtrainiac it was a good season. But hey the gauntlet has been thrown down for next season! LOL

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