Season 13 championship, it's a tie-breaker!

redlinederby Sunday, 9/1/2013
Site manager

Wouldn't you know it that the last championship tournament of the year ends in a tie, of sorts. A very interesting turn of events will keep Season 13 active for one more tournament!

But first things first, congratulations to IowaStockcars for winning his 5th Fantasy League championship! He ended the season with 2,395 to get the gold again. Great job!

Hudson Hornets take down the Studebaker Larks, 49-30 to become team champions.

Complete tournament results

Final season standings

Final team results

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However, since Iowa won Season 12, he is not eligible for the Diecast X Magazine grand prize. Thus the grand prize will go to the runner-up of Season 13 - but the 2nd place spot is a tie between ConceptTA, both with 2,255 points for the season.

Neither of the runner-up players have won a championship before so they are both eligible for the Diecast X grand prize, but since it was a tie we'll have one more tournament and whichever one of those guys gets the most points will win the prize. If there's a tie again, we'll keep doing a tournament until some one wins.

Tie-breaker rules

The tie-breaker tournament will be seeded with random cars from the league. No player entries.
Whoever has the most points between AMH 412 and ConceptTA will win the grand prize.
If one of the two players fails to submit picks, the other player wins by default.
If neither player submits picks, another tournament will be held until one of them does.
Other Fantasy League players are free to make picks to earn more credits but the tournament will otherwise not benefit them.

The tie-breaker tournament will get setup and seeded before Tuesday.
I'll be mailing both runner-up players with a reminder.


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GspeedR 9/2/13

Just did the Ferrari 550 Maranello make the roster for the tie-breaker? I'm not objecting to its presence, I just thought 'Hall of Fame' cars were permanently retired.

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redlinederby 9/2/13
Site manager

I just pulled 16 random cars, HoF cars included. I can redo if anyone has any big objections. Honestly, the tie was unexpected and I wanted to get things to go as soon as possible so I just hit "give me 16 cars" and that's what it spit out. So maybe consider the HoF cars racing a bonus!

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redlinederby 9/8/13
Site manager

Congrats to ConceptTA for scoring 190 points in the tie-breaker tournament to win the Diecast X grand prize as runner-up for Season 13.

Tournament results:

Just to recap...
Season 13 Champion - IowaStockcars
Runner-up - ConceptTA
Third place - AMH 412

As it turns out, the standings after this tie-breaker ring true.

Congrats to everyone that won prizes this season and a big THANKS to everyone that participated. The Fantasy League won't be returning until the Spring as I use the time inbetween to update the web site and game. I'm confident the upgrades will make the game more exciting for everyone, veterans and new players alike.

If you have any questions, concerns or just general feedback, please send email, post or PM.

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ConceptTA 9/8/13

Just want to say Congratulations to IowaSockCars, the tru champion of season 13. It was fun giving you a run for your money. Also want to thank Brian for all he does with RLD. It is a huge commitment to do this website and participate with us all at the same time. Thank you to the site sponsor for the Diecast X Magazine subscription. And also want to recognize AMH's achievements on a great season 13. A 3 way battle to the end made it fun and intense waiting for those results to come in.

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redlinederby 9/9/13
Site manager

Congrats to everyone and I'm glad people had fun playing. I too want to thank all our sponsors for their donations and prizes, I know we all have fun with them.

And just a reminder that you can use your left over credits to get free Hot Wheels!

I also reduced the price of locked cars so use whatever you have left over to add some more cars to your garage. Any cars in your garage will be saved when we start up next year after the upgrade.

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AMH-412 9/15/13

I want to congratulate Iowastockcars on his 5th championship win. Great job. I also want to congratulate ConceptTA on his tiebreaker win. I too had a very fun season, and anticipated checking the scoreboard every Sunday. There was a lot of switching between second and third all season, and switching between first with ConceptTA and Iowastockcars, the closest I came to first was 10 points out a bit earlier in the season, the rest was back and forth, made it really a lot of fun. Looking forward to next season.

Also a big thanks to the team members of the Hudson Hornets, fantastic job guys, all year long you guys did great. Thanks for making the Hudson Hornets the winning team this season.

I wanted to thank Brian for sending some cars to me for winning the championship, and all new ones to me! Love my Chevrolaters, and have never seen that one.

Two sweet looking Hot Ones that I never saw around my area. And then one from Kroegers that I don't have in my area. AND...this car is in the latest Diecast X magazine, noting some Kroger Exclusives. Very Cool.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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