Season 13 updates, info

redlinederby Tuesday, 5/28/2013
Site manager

We'll be wrapping up Season 12 this weekend and then we'll be taking the requisite time off while I work on updates and fixes to the game. There isn't a whole lot going into the update, not even in terms of bugs - so if you saw something weird happen or had a question, please ask so I can get it fixed.

Otherwise, updates that should be included are:
- You will be able to trade-in a garage car for credits. So if you want to unlock a car and don't care about having exclusivity, you can do so.

- Home page revisions

- Team section revisions and details

Looking at the calendar, my June is pretty well stocked with weekend events so Season 13 might not kick off until mid-late June at this rate. I'll have to see if anything changes and how fast I can get things done. However, there will be some circuit races in Season 13 so that will play into scheduling as well.


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redlinederby 6/14/13
Site manager

Just a quick bump and update that Season 13 should be starting in the next couple weeks. I've had some events and home fixit projects hit this month and the weekends are the only time I get so finishing the updates has gotten pushed back a bit.

I'm also still in a back-n-fourth with sponsors regarding prizes from last season so those of you that haven't received or heard anything regarding your past prizes, you should get something soon.

Sorry for the delays, more info real soon.

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